Starbucks Prices Were Ranked Worldwide & Here's Where To Move If You Want A Cheap Frap

The chain charges over $9 for a latte in one country! ☕

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​Someone orders at a Starbucks.

Someone orders at a Starbucks.

You can sip your Starbucks drink with a little less guilt — yes, you could be saving money by making coffee at home, but at least you're not dishing out the most in the world for a latte.

A new ranking of global Starbucks prices shows Canada isn't the priciest link in the café chain. But if you're looking to spend less on your favourite custom order, you may want to consider a move.

Visual Capitalist mapped out the price of a Starbucks tall latte by country with data pulled from delivery apps, Google reviews and menu snapshots.

Turkey won out for serving the cheapest coffee at $2.33 (converted to CAD) — less than half what Canadians pay. The going rate for a tall latte in the Great White North is $5.24. Meanwhile, Americans can get the same caffeine fix for a mere $4.44.

In fact, Canada placed 38th on the list of 72 Starbucks-serving countries, between Jamaica ($5.23/latte) and Greece ($5.34). But at least it wasn't close to the whopping $9.36/latte average of Switzerland, which serves the steepest Starbucks brew in the world, followed closely by Denmark ($8.92).

Even when the purchasing power of residents is taken into account, Starbucks drinks in both Switzerland and Denmark remain pricey. The U.S., however, then serves the most affordable latte, given the high average income of Americans compared to the café's going rate.

Canada's Starbucks affordability, by comparison, is neither in the red nor the green, but rather a murky beige. The only consolation being the coffee-appropriate colour.

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
Sofia Misenheimer is an award-winning writer, editor and former radio journalist with a passion for finding hidden gems in the city.
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