This Dog-Friendly Café In Montreal Lets Your Whole Family Brunch, Lunch And Dine Together

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​The counter at Ruby Café. Right: A happy dog sits at a table with a plate of meatballs.

The counter at Ruby Café. Right: A happy dog sits at a table with a plate of meatballs.

It's hard to imagine how Montreal brunch — the city's most beloved meal — could be improved, but Ruby Café has found a way. The pet-friendly coffee shop, sandwiched between Côte-Saint-Paul and Le-Sud-Ouest, not only serves top-notch fare but also welcomes entire families, especially four-legged members.

That means dog owners can bring their furry companions to sup alongside them, and dog lovers without a furball of their own can enjoy a meal surrounded by wagging tails.

Someone sits at the bar of Ruby Caf\u00e9.Someone sits at the bar of Ruby Café.@sofsilva.mtl | Instagram

The popular destination is located at the front of Doggyville pet hotel, daycare and groomer, so pups are constantly milling through the space. During the winter, it makes a great alternative to the dog park for socializing, or for a quick meal when picking up or dropping off a pet.

Dogs must stay on a leash at all times and are allowed to sit at a table with their family. Seats are wiped down between visits, so cleanliness never feels like an issue.

A dog sits at a table with her humans.A dog sits at a table with her humans.@davidwallyrawalia | Instagram

The menu is full of hearty options like the "Sloppy Dog" pulled pork burger served with homemade barbecue sauce and goose egg ($21). The chorizo grilled cheese topped with pecans and a bell pepper and red onion compote ($20) will appeal to a guest in the mood for lunch, while the shareable french toast sticks ($18) or dog-shaped "puppy pancakes" ($18) will please those in search of breakfast. The presentation of each dish is appealing and some even have an extra flourish, like the vegetarian ratatouille ($21) topped with a crispy cheese fan.

Doggie guests get their own selection of treats, like the sweet potato "pupcake" ($3), "woof loaf" with ground turkey, carrots, peas, oats, and eggs ($6), or meatballs ($5). Watching a pup at your table or across the café eye their plate and sneak bites never loses its charm.

A regular latt\u00e9, butterfly pea "latt\u00e9" and pi\u00f1a colada "latt\u00e9."A regular latté, butterfly pea "latté" and piña colada "latté."@davidwallyrawalia | Instagram

Drinks span more common breakfast options, like espresso ($3.50) and cappuccino ($5), along with novelty sips, like a butterfly tea or piña colada "latté" ($5). The latter are pretty and very sweet, but don't contain much coffee flavour.

For furry companions, there's non-alcoholic "dog beer" ($5) made from malt, beef and vegetable protein extracts, or frozen yogurt with probiotics ($5).

The treat counter.The treat counter.@sofsilva.mtl | Instagram

The café is full of other treats to discover, from decorated dog biscuits and colourful leashes, to dozens of kinds of kibble.

Portions are generous at Ruby Café, so whether you're unable to finish your brunch or just want to bring home some goodies for your pet, you're bound to leave with a doggy bag.

Ruby Café

Where: 3824, rue Saint-Patrick

When: Friday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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