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tulipes montreal

Two sprawling tulip fields open to the public for the season on Monday, May 8. The fields, one in Laval, the other in Boucherville, allow visitors to pick their own stems and build their own bouquets. Organizers promise around 600,000 blooms in a variety of colours.

The fields are only open for the duration of the short-lived Quebec tulip season. In 2022, that was only about two weeks, from May 12 to 25.

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Something is brewing beneath the surface of the Earth, gathering strength until it can finally burst through the ground in an eruption of fiery reds and oranges and icy blues and purples. That something is tulip season. And though it's still months away, two popular pick-your-own tulip fields near Montreal have confirmed they will once again open to the public., which operates 600,000-flower farms in Laval and Boucherville, has confirmed to MTL Blog that it plans to reopen this spring.

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Flower children, your time has come.'s self-pick tulip fields in Laval and Boucherville opened on May 13 for the 2022 season. 600,000 flowers will be up for grabs at each location, serving as the colourful backdrop for countless Insta photoshoots.

According to a social media post, the flowers are in full bloom as of May 15

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Tickets are now on sale for visits to two pick-your-own tulip fields outside Montreal. The fields, in Boucherville and Laval, each count over 600,000 flowers of various colours.

Admission to each field is $10. Visitors then have to pay $1.50 for each tulip they picked during their visit. There are also three bundles available:

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