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vintage stores montreal

Some of the city's best-dressed residents get their nicest gear from secondhand, vintage and thrift stores in Montreal, and no one knows the ins and outs of that market better than the people who work for the city's most beloved thrift shops! From curated vintage stores to Value Village, let your personal style guide you when picking your clothes — not just whatever the fast fashion gods have decided you should wear.

I spoke to the minds behind the beloved vintage stores Club Theos and Théa as well as multi-vendor market Marché Floh to find out where our style icons get their own favourite vintage pieces. It's often as easy as trusting your gut when selecting new items, but knowing where to look is a great first step — even if you're just sifting through a garage sale or pulling pieces off of Facebook Marketplace.

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Spring is slowly approaching (despite the grim Marc-April weather outlook). Sooner rather than later, it will be time to pull those old shorts and sandals out of your closet and prepare for the sunny days of summer. If your wardrobe is outdated and needs an urgent update, you might want to check out this market coming to Montreal.

The free-to-attend Turquoise's Treasures mega pop-up is back from March 30 to April 2 and will feature about 60 vendors in total, organizers say. They promise plenty of vintage clothing, shoes and jewelry.

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Montreal's fashion scene is renowned for a reason — the creativity and dedication of style-savvy people across the city. Two such people are behind one of the city's most Instagram-famous vintage and streetwear stores, and one co-founder had a lot to say about the scene in Montreal.

Rudy Rabanera, David Rabanera, Raymond Malong and Michael Cadano co-founded Club Theos Montreal, which focuses on selling streetwear, sneakers and vintage pieces in the Plateau. There's also a sister store, Thea, but both sell clothing to all genders. In a phone call with MTL Blog, Rudy, who serves as Club Theos' CEO, said the stores' blend of archival items and brand-new designs draws inspiration from the scene in New York.

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As the seasons change and the weather — well, the weather's staying pretty warm, actually. But on principle, the time is approaching to overhaul your wardrobe, pull those jeans and sweaters out of your closet and prepare for the chill to come. If that closet is uninspiring, we have the perfect event for you.

Marché Floh is hosting a massive clothing sale for the next two weekends, featuring three floors full of vintage items stocked by more than 20 local resellers. This end-of-season sale applies to all of the resellers who've taken up residence in Marché Floh's massive store space, and all clothing displayed on the terrasse will be priced at $20 or less.

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