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The Last Supermoon Of 2022 Has Arrived & It's Lighting Up The Sky Across Canada (PHOTOS)

The magical moment will last until August 13. 🌝

Full moon sighting in Montreal, Quebec.

Full moon sighting in Montreal, Quebec.

Did you notice the bright full moon in Montreal's sky Thursday night? Well, say hello to our final supermoon of the year. The Sturgeon Moon will luckily be making another appearance from August 12 to 13 — giving those who missed the mesmeric moment a chance to feast their eyes on the magic.

NASA described the phenomenon as a "marginal supermoon," which means last night's and tonight's moon is the third closest to the Earth in 2022.

Though the June and July supermoons may have been closer, August's supermoon is just as remarkable as it lights up the skies across Canada and Montreal got a front-row seat to the enchanting views.

According to The Weather Network, this supermoon is nearly 26% brighter than January's apogee full moon, or around 13% brighter than the average full moon (like the one back in March).

The big and bright moon isn't the only cosmic phenomenon happening this week. The Perseids meteor shower is also currently at its peak and can be spotted in an array of places across Quebec.

You've got until August 13 to spot the meteor shower, which you can do from a boat or paddleboard on a nighttime adventure tour at Éco-Odyssée near Montreal.

Although the Sturgeon Moon marks the final supermoon of the year, you can still get in on some stellar astral action in October when Mars goes into retrograde and in November as the second total lunar eclipse of 2022 will be visible all across Canada.

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