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The Sunwing Flight Organizer Called Critics Of His Plane Party 'Sheep' & Said 'Wake Up'

The drama continues. 🐸 ☕️

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The Sunwing Flight Organizer Called Critics Of His Plane Party 'Sheep' & Said 'Wake Up'

After James William Awad released a public statement about the whole Sunwing flight fiasco, in the midst of releasing other statements on Twitter, the organizer of the trip returned to social networks on January 9 to discuss the events yet again. This time, he referred to anyone who got upset about the partying that took place on their plane to Mexico as "sheep."

"Reality of the story, sheeps are mad because people partied on a private chartered plane where partying was allowed," wrote Awad, the owner of 111 Private Club, on his Twitter account. He then told his critics to "wake up!!"

The tweet had received over 120 replies in the first three hours of it being published.

Awad already returned to the subject of the trip to Tulum on Saturday, January 8.

"The only thing that went wrong on this trip is having our 'return' flight cancelled. Relax. Every body can still return, we're just trying to find a way for every body to return without having to pay for their ticket. 90% of the people did not pay for this event! I paid for it," he said on Twitter.

Less than an hour later, Awad wrote, "Only like 15-20 people were partying on that plane. While every body else was sitting. That's only 8% of the people that participated in that event. The Ratio is great. The 111 Private Club is A1. We're working on bringing that 'bad' ratio down gradually."

Finally, he claimed that Sunwing, the airline with which he had chartered the plane where the party took place, was "washing their hands" and that "the truth will come out soon."

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