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The Woman Seen Vaping On The Sunwing Flight Apologized & Said She's Getting Death Threats

"I'm a human being and I have emotions."

The Woman Seen Vaping On The Sunwing Flight Apologized & Said She's Getting Death Threats

The passenger seen on video vaping aboard that infamous Sunwing flight to Cancun has apologized for her actions and said she's ready to face any consequences. The woman, whom the Journal de Montréal has identified as Vanessa Sicotte, took to her Instagram story on Tuesday night to address followers.

She said she had been the target of death threats and insults since the story of the Sunwing flight spread on social media.

"To start, I'd like to sincerely apologize to all those who may have been disappointed by this situation," she wrote. "To see a group of young people together going to Mexico while Quebecers are in confinement upset many."

Sicotte identifies as a pilot in her Instagram bio. The Journal has reported that she's currently studying aviation.

In her Tuesday night message, Sicotte specifically apologized to her friends in the industry and loved ones, saying her actions "did not paint a nice image of who [she] can be."

Sicotte added that she will face any consequences that result from an ongoing investigation by Transport Canada into the flight.

"The truth about what happened on this plane will come out one day or another," she wrote.

News of the party aboard the Sunwing flight led to massive outcry, multiple investigations and a deluge of media reports on the identity, trials and tribulations of the passengers, many of whom were stranded in Mexico after at least three airlines refused to fly them home.

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