An Influencer From The Sunwing Party Plane Said The Group 'Didn't Kill Anyone'

Tony Lee said this during a live on 111 Private Club's Instagram page.

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An Influencer From The Sunwing Party Plane Said The Group 'Didn't Kill Anyone'

The Sunwing party flight saga continues. On Sunday evening, James Wiliam Awad, the organizer of the trip, went live on 111 Private Club's Instagram account where he answered all kinds of questions circulating about the event.

The live began with one of the Quebec influencers who was on the flight, Tony Lee, joining in the discussion from Mexico.

"Where are you?" Awad asked, to which Lee responded, "I'm stuck in Mexico, bro," joking that he's trapped with margaritas.

Although he confirmed he's no longer in Mexico, Awad wouldn't say where in the world he currently is because he's trying to "hide from journalists."

During their discussion about the group's trip to Mexico, Lee said, "There are things we could have done differently, but we didn't commit any crimes. We didn't kill anyone."

Lee also went on to claim that the Sunwing flight attendants were selling bottles of alcohol on the plane for cash without recording the sales.

Awad argued that we "shouldn't put everyone in the same boat," stating that there were only 10 to 20 people partying on the plane. He went on to say that it's not fair that the 189 people who are part of 111 Private Club are paying the price with various airlines for this small ratio of people who chose to party during the flight.

Later during the live, Awad said, "People are mad because individuals were smoking in the flight. […] If you're sending death threats to 189 people because one person smoked in the flight, seriously guys, you're stupid."

"I support all the people who partied in the plane. I'm never going to apologize for [them]," Awad said. The party organizer also claimed that "nothing illegal was done."

In response to claims that influencers who were at the event are still stuck in Mexico, Awad explained that "there's no one stuck in Mexico right now. Everyone is able to come back to Montreal. […] Some people who haven't come back yet, it's because they're in quarantine in Mexico right now. It's not because they can't come back."

In the live, the 111 Private Club owner said he takes COVID-19 very seriously and called out the one person in the club who he claimed didn't follow the rules.

"There was one person who came who tested positive and didn't tell anyone, Rebecca St-Pierre. Besides that, everyone respected the rules." Awad said St-Pierre has been banned from 111 Private Club for being dishonest.

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