Vanessa The Sunwing Flight Vaper Shared Her Reaction To That 'Bye Bye' Sketch Parodying Her

Her character was the star of "Top Conne Sunwing."

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The 'Bye Bye' sketch parodying the Sunwing flight story from January 2022.

The 'Bye Bye' sketch parodying the Sunwing flight story from January 2022.

Exactly one year ago, a group of wayward Quebec influencers and reality television stars was floundering in Mexico after their mid-air, mid-COVID debauchery on a Sunwing flight to Cancun made headlines across Canada. Quebecers might remember some of the story's principal characters, namely eccentric trip organizer James William Awad and the woman seen on video vaping aboard the aircraft, aspiring pilot Vanessa Sicotte.

The absolutely ridiculous story would inevitably become a feature on Bye Bye 2022, Radio-Canada's sketch comedy recap of the previous year. Sicotte shared her reaction to the parody with Narcity Québec.

The program lampooned the Sunwing flight group in a sketch entitled "Top Conne Sunwing," in which the influencers, armed with their cellphones and fake negative COVID-19 tests, assist Tom Cruise in his next high-flying exploit. Sicotte's character, played by Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, starred in the piece.

"That was one of the first things we said to each other after the event: 'Bye Bye is going to be good this year!'" Sicotte told Narcity.

Though she said she was expecting the show to satirize even more details from the Sunwing fiasco, such as the flight attendants' behaviour and Awad's use of the aircraft intercom system, she was overall pleased.

"I'm glad I turned on Bye Bye this year and was the main character. It's not something that's going to happen every year!"

"I got tons of messages telling me I was in Bye Bye, my friends, family, etc. Everyone thought it was funny and so did I! It was well done!"

"That's what Bye Bye is all about, accentuating the ridiculous. Personally, it doesn't affect me."

Sicotte, who made further headlines last year with a staged car accident, told Narcity she feels the page has turned on the events of 2022.

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