2 Destinations In Asia Are Giving Away Flights & Cash — Here's How To Get In On It

Let your vacation pay for itself.

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​An alley in Hong Kong. Right: The world's largest tower 'Taipei 101' in Taiwan.

An alley in Hong Kong. Right: The world's largest tower 'Taipei 101' in Taiwan.

Canadians looking for an inexpensive getaway to Asia could score airfare or cash to visit two popular destinations this year. While plane ticket prices are set to soar over the summer, Hong Kong and Taiwan will give away hundreds of thousands of complimentary round-trip plane tickets and other financial incentives to entice visitors.

Both locations are recovering from strict COVID-19 protocols that have limited tourism for several years and are now looking to bounce back with their respective campaigns.

Travellers from Canada will qualify for special flights to Hong Kong starting in May and can apply for cash vouchers from Taiwan before the end of the year.

To enter the Hong Kong ticket lottery, Canadians must register online with Cathay Pacific Airways this spring. About half a million tickets will be distributed across Asia, Europe and North America. Due to Canadian law, residents who do qualify for 'free' airfare to Hong Kong will still have to pay airport taxes and surcharges. They could also get free cocktails and cash vouchers for hotels and local attractions as part of the wider "Hello Hong Kong" campaign.

Meanwhile, the Taiwan government announced in late February that it will allocate $222 for international visitors (and $888 for tour groups) that qualify for its giveaway. Around half a million payments are expected to be distributed digitally in 2023 over multiple tourism campaigns.

While the European visitor's fee was recently postponed, so you can still take a trip without dishing out for a visa, perhaps this is the year to have your vacation subsidized instead.

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
Sofia Misenheimer is an award-winning writer, editor and former radio journalist with a passion for finding hidden gems in the city.
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