200 Quebec Gyms & Fitness Centres Say They're Just Gonna Go Ahead And Open On October 29

"What choice do we have?"
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200 Quebec Gyms & Fitness Centres Say They're Just Gonna Go Ahead And Open On October 29

A group of 200 Quebec gyms and other fitness centres are planning to reopen on October 29, the day after Montreal's second lockdown is set to end.

All gyms in Quebec that found themselves in red zones were ordered to close from October 8 to 28.

Centres d'activités physiques du Québec published a news release referring to the second confinement as "a slap in the face" for athletic centres, saying that such is bringing the owners of these centres "towards bankruptcy."

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On October 29, we will open our gyms in all regions of Quebec in order to once again become a partner in the health of Quebecers.

Centres d'activités physiques du Québec

The coalition says they have received multiple testimonies from clients saying that their centres help them fight "depression and anxiety" in the midst of a health crisis.

As per the reopenings, the group of 200 gyms and fitness centres claims "All health measures in effect will be respected. If the government is able to prove to us, by means of studies, that we are a source of outbreak, we will back off."

The news release, which is directed towards the Government of Quebec, states "For the moment, faced with a wall and imminent bankruptcy... what choice do we have? Mr. Premier, we are on our knees and out of breath."

Together, the 200 centres are demanding that Legault come up with "a real action plan to deal with the crisis affecting [...] the physical and mental health of Quebecers."

"We are 8.5 million people, please, it is time to govern for all."

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