A Tiktoker Went Viral After Getting Real About Living In Canada Vs. The U.S.

"This doesn’t mean to rob me."

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​Natasha points up in front of a split screen of the Canadian and U.S. flags. Right: A loonie and toonie in an open palm.

Natasha points up in front of a split screen of the Canadian and U.S. flags. Right: A loonie and toonie in an open palm.

A Tiktoker who moved from the U.S. to Canada has gone viral for sharing her experience living in both countries. Natasha, a travel blogger who posts as @theworldpursuit on the video platform, has since received lots of agreement from fellow American expats and some critique from Canadian viewers.

Her video "Things That Happened When I Moved From The U.S. to Canada" has garnered over 700K responses and has been viewed nearly 2.5M times.

"I’ve gotten lots of questions about how to move to Canada," Natasha posted in the video comments. It stands to reason, given Canada did recently rank as the 2nd most desirable country in the whole world.

She cites improved security as the first thing she noticed about living in Canada, compared to the U.S.

"I stopped insisting on always locking my door," she said, sharing Canada's high ranking on the Global Peace Index. At the time the video was posted, Canada was in sixth place. It has since dropped to 12th (although it did receive a 'B' letter grade from a recent travel safety index).

In contrast, the U.S. ranked 128th on the Global Peace Index at the time of the video and has since dropped to 129th place in 2022 (the country also scored an 'F' in the aforementioned travel safety index).


This doesn’t mean to rob me #expat #usa #canada 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

But some Canadian viewers commented their concern about having more Americans move north, citing lowered security as a possible risk. Others questioned the TikToker's door-locking practices.

"Where do you live in Canada that you don’t lock your door? Like every major city and surrounding cities have high crime," asked one commenter.

"Perhaps I don’t live in a city," Natasha replied mysteriously. She later added the comical line, "This doesn't mean to rob me," as her video caption.

Another difference between Canada and the U.S., Natasha points out, is the money.

"I fell in love with [Canadian] money: it's colourful and plastic. One and two dollars are coins!" she said enthusiastically.

"'Fell in love with money,' girl, that's the American in you," one person joked in reply.

Lastly, Natasha admits to being "mildly infatuated" with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling him 'handsome,' while pretending the puke when a photo of former U.S. President Donald Trump flashes in the background.

"I moved from Canada to the U.S. best decision I’ve ever made! So much happier here," one commenter wrote, garnering lots of agreement from fellow American immigrants.

Meanwhile, several Canadians living in the U.S. commented how much they missed home.

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
Sofia Misenheimer is an Associate Editor for MTL Blog focused on gas prices in Montreal and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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