A Lot Of Canadians Are Dreaming Of A Good Night's Sleep (& Their Exes), According To Google

And nothing else mattress. 😴

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​Two people walk through the bed section of a Toronto department store.

Two people walk through the bed section of a Toronto department store.

Ah, sleep. The blissful state of unconsciousness when you can finally escape the chaos of reality and slip into the comforting embrace of dreams. Except many Canadians seem to be having trouble drifting off and, when they do, they're experiencing some pretty weird dreams. Google Trends shows a lot of tossing and turning over topics like "why can't I sleep" and "dreaming about your ex," among others.

Some Google users are so tired that they're searching for tips on "how to fall asleep fast" — the number one sleep-related question in the past year.

But it's not just about lack of sleep. Searches are also increasingly focussed on whether it's possible to eke by with just six hours of shut-eye (hint: it's not).

The Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults recommends at least seven to nine hours of "good-quality sleep" for adults between 18 and 64. Consistent sleep and wake times are recommended for added benefit.

It's not surprising that many Canadians haven't been sleeping well though given the weird things that seem to come to them after hours. At the top of the search list is the classic "teeth falling out dream" (ouch), followed closely by "dreaming about your ex" (yikes). But that's not all, people are also dreaming about fears, like snakes (4), crocodiles (8) and being chased (9).

Dreams can reflect your emotions during waking hours, experts explain. According to the Sleep Foundation, a dream involving an ex may not be about your former partner at all, but rather your emotional state. So if your ex still evokes feelings of anxiety or irritation, you should consider what in your current life may be causing similar emotions.

Remember, if all else fails, there's always counting sheep... or dreaming about your ex's teeth falling out while being chased by a crocodile.

These are the top Google Trends questions about sleep:

  1. How to fall asleep fast?
  2. What is sleep apnea?
  3. How many hours of sleep do I need?
  4. Why can't I sleep?
  5. How much deep sleep is normal?
  6. What is sleep paralysis?
  7. What is rem sleep?
  8. Is 6 hours of sleep enough?
  9. Is 7 hours of sleep enough?
  10. Why do I sweat so much in my sleep?

And these are the top trending dream-related searches:

  1. Teeth falling out dream
  2. Dreaming about your ex
  3. Dream about being pregnant
  4. Snake dream meaning
  5. Recurring dreams
  6. Dreaming of losing your hair
  7. Dreaming of someone dying who is still alive
  8. Crocodile dream meaning
  9. Being chased in dreams
  10. Giving birth dream meaning
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MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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