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Google Revealed What Quebecers Searched The Most In 2022 & We're Hella Random

Viral games, current events and on-screen diversions topped the list.

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
A Google search window with the words 'Year in Search.'

A Google search window with the words 'Year in Search.'

This year, Quebecers were really into viral games, current events and on-screen diversions set in warmer climes. Google released the 2022 top searched terms by country and region, revealing what caught people's attention the most.

While some of the entries are pretty odd, the Belle Province wasn't a total outlier. The top three searches in Quebec correspond with Google's top overall search trends worldwide.

Wordle was the main search for Quebec (and the rest of the globe, it seems). The word-guessing game went viral earlier this year with Montreal proving the 4th best city in all of Canada at solving the daily brainteaser. That's fairly impressive for a bilingual city, considering the original game is only offered in English.

But either Worlde wasn't challenging enough… or people were expecting a Quebecified version of the game when they searched 'Quordle' because that term made #7 on this year's list. The upgraded version of Wordle supplies four simultaneous letter-based puzzles to figure out every day. Perhaps it also floods your brain with four times the serotonin when you decode the answers?

Quebecers needed a lot of happy chemicals to face this year's most gut-wrenching events. Many were quick to inform themselves about Ukraine, after Russia's invasion, making it the second most-searched topic.

The heartbreaking death of Quebec singer Karim Ouellet also placed high on the list at #4. The young singer-songwriter was a rising star in the province and fans were shocked to learn that he died alone in his Quebec City music studio several months before his body was found by authorities.

Quebec creative Jean-Marc Vallée also garnered lots of searches following his unexpected death (#10). The filmmaker behind the Oscar-winning drama Dallas Buyer's Club starring Matthew McConaughey died of a heart attack last Christmas in his cottage near Quebec City. Vallée's loss signalled the end of the popular HBO drama Big Little Lies.

Speaking of drama, a Quebec reality show got lots of attention this year. Occupation Double Martinique, a couples-based dating competition that falls somewhere between The Bachelor and Big Brother, sparked debate over on-screen bullying. While the show's high drama factor appealed to many, others tuned in just to soak up the lush Caribbean setting.

Perhaps that's also how the Colombia-based animated film Encanto captured so many Quebecers' attention? The magical Disney flick made #9 for Google searches, somehow beating out Queen Elizabeth and COVID-19.

The top searched terms in Quebec were:

1) Wordle
2) Ukraine
3) Coupe du Monde 2022
4) Karim Ouellet
5) OD Martinique
6) Élections Québec 2022
7) Quordle
8) Johnny Depp
9) Encanto
10) Jean-Marc Vallée

The top-trending searches in Canada were:

1) Wordle
2) Ukraine
3) World Cup
4) Queen Elizabeth II
5) Betty White
6) Bob Saget
7) Anne Hache
8) Canuckle
9) Johnny Depp
10) Will Smith

    Sofia Misenheimer
    MTL Blog, Associate Editor
    Sofia Misenheimer is an Associate Editor for MTL Blog focused on gas prices in Montreal and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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