A New Quebec Winter Forecast Includes An Incoming Polar Vortex & Warns Of A 'Tough' Few Months

It's just one part of the long, snowy winter to come.

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Montrealer shovel snow during a 2017 snowstorm.

Montrealer shovel snow during a 2017 snowstorm.

The coming months of Quebec winter weather are shaping up to be "tough, stormy and long," according to MétéoMédia's team of experts. A polar vortex is expected to bring harsh temperatures and increased precipitation across Canada, including Quebec.

"The cold front will be mostly to the west of Quebec," meteorologist Réjean Ouimet said in MétéoMédia's analysis. "It can be expected to move eastward and over our regions. These cold snaps are often preceded by storms. This gives us another indication of a tough winter."

Montrealers can expect more standard temperatures thanks to the city's relatively southerly location, the site says. Northern areas of the province won't be so lucky.

MétéoMédia also suggests the province can expect higher-than-usual levels of precipitation.

"In general, Quebec will see more snow, but not as much in the southern regions," explained head meteorologist André Monette. "There will be snow, but mixes of freezing rain, snow, sleet and rain will be more likely."

Montreal's metropolitan area is among the areas that can expect more of these oh-so-delightful wintry mixes, but it will also be hit with extra snow to top it all off.

"Since 2000, seven seasons have had an overall weather pattern similar to this year. For the most part, they have been colder than normal and snowier as well," Ouimet said.

On the bright side, this means that skiing conditions should be good for most of the season. A "well-established" cold would make artificial snow-laying much easier, according to MétéoMédia — just about the only positive in what's shaping up to be an aggressive, exhausting winter in Quebec.

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