18 Hilarious & Relatable Reactions To The First Snow In Montreal

The first snow is utterly predictable but social media users are freaking out anyway. And we love them for it.

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A person clears snow from their car windshield on a Montreal street.

A person clears snow from their car windshield on a Montreal street.

Snow has arrived in Montreal. It might look pretty now, but it also portends five long months of slippery streets, messy intersections, painful cold and getting screamed at by sidewalk plows. And this first snowfall won't be insignificant. The Montreal weather forecast calls for up to 10 centimetres in the metro area. Other parts of the province could get up to 25.

Naturally, Quebecers flocked to social media to share their reactions and feign shock at this utterly predictable annual event. Here's a compilation of some of our favourites.

People seem to fall into three camps: those who simply tolerate the inevitable slide into winter, those who embrace it with glee, and those for whom the first snowfall is the worst thing to ever happen to any living thing on the planet ever.

In fairness, it can be hard to enjoy the first snowfall when you realize it's only a sample of what's to come in the months ahead.

Others are undeterred.


Some good vibes:

For some, it's doubly bad news this morning.

Are you team "hate the cold" or team "let it snow"?

Don't forget your winter tires.

They must be from France:

For the last time, weather ≠ climate.

This is when Quebec's boomer population plummets as snowbirds flock south. It's always amusing to see people in Hawaiian shirts in line for the 747 bus at Lionel-Groulx station.

The metro is the superior option.

10 centimetres is NOTHING for Quebecers.

This tweet is from November 14 but obviously relevant. It's the soundtrack of the season.

Good luck out there.

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