For all of the Italians in the city as well as those who appreciate all things Italy, the version of the European country that Montreal has created is one of the best. Whether you're in need of some authentic eats, looking for a European café or an Italian bakery to grab some cannolis from, you're totally covered.

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In fact, all of Montreal's boroughs that celebrate other cultures are absolutely amazing. Offering you an out-of-this-world escape from the city and letting you experience another, you could pretty much travel around the world without even leaving your hometown. 

So, if this time around you're looking for a trip to Tuscany, Venice or Rome, you'll definitely know what spots in Little Italy you're going to want to hit up.

Pizzeria Napoletana

First things first, when you get to Little Italy you're probably going to have a big appetite. What better way to fuel up than to grab some authentic Italian pizza. Being the first pizzeria in all of Montreal, there's no where else you'll want to go for the best pizza in the city.


Via La Fromagerie Hamal

La Fromagerie Hamal

While you're still in the mood for tasting some food, what better way to try some fresh Italian mozzarella or tasty bocconcini than to go to a cheese market. With over hundreds of options from Italian classics to endulgent delicasies, this may be your new favourite shop.


Via Hermon A.

Caffè Italia

For your daily coffee fix, there's nowhere better to go in Little Italy than Caffè Italia. A quaint little café often overlooked, it's here you'll find amazing espresso, delicious biscotti and many other Italian goodies at a super affordable price.


Via Alati-Caserta


For an authentic Italian treat, you'll want to head over to this true Italian bakery that makes desserts amazing enough to be straight from Sicily. This spot is also rated as having the best cannoli's in all of Montreal, so you may want to head over here ASAP and grab a box of their classic comfort food.



After a long day of walking the streets of Petite Italia an exploring all the best classic foods in the city, you'll want to wind down with a glass of wine or even beer. Although not exactly authentically Italian, this is arguably the best bar in all of the borough. Serving up an insane selection of hops as well as great Italian-oriented shareable plates, you'll want to spend your entire evening here.


@pizzeriagemaembedded via  

Cine-Park Dante

To end your day in "Italy" on a high note, all Summer long in Park Dante you can enjoy the best films in Italian cinema for absolutely free. The films begin at 9PM every Wednesday and include four screenings of movies that honour and represent Italian culture. A perfect end to the day!


Now that you've explored Italy without leaving Montreal, what country is next on your bucket list?

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