Drake Sported A Montreal Canadiens Jacket In A TikTok Fit Check & Said It’s Worth A Fortune

You'll never guess how much his chain cost...

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@christoosmoove interviews Drake about how expensive his outfit is.

@christoosmoove interviews Drake about how expensive his outfit is.

"It's an old Jeff Hamilton jacket," Drake smiles, "[worth] probably four bills."

The rapper is sporting a Canadiens varsity jacket in a recent viral TikTok from @christoosmoove, but it's not even close to the most expensive thing he's wearing.

From Drake's $600 (each!) earrings to his $10 million diamond chain, it must be one of the most lavish fit checks ever seen on TikTok. It's part of a recent trend where celebrities, influencers and aspiring stars break down just how expensive their fancy outfits are.

In Drake's fit check, he speaks softly about his unbelievably expensive gear, cheekily suggesting that his interviewer "save the chain for last" due to its astronomical price tag. Once they get there, Drake says he's "embarrassed" to admit just how much it costs.

He shouldn't be, though, since he's in the company of people who are very excited about the prospect of a high-value statement piece. Once Drake drops that "over ten milli" figure, Chris and his friends howl in awe at the star's display of disposable income.

And that's fair — it's absolutely astonishing.

Though the chain overshadows every other, cheaper piece on Drake's body, we're especially interested in that Habs jacket, which costs a Montrealer's modest monthly rent.

Whether or not you can afford to even look at Drake's outfit, it's safe to guess that he's picked a favourite hockey team — sorry, not sorry, dear Maple Leafs — but the drippiest jackets are Montreal's own. You can't style a 10-million-dollar chain with anything less than the best!

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