Élisabeth Rioux Has A Boyfriend & Dished Some Juicy Details About Her New Romance

She wants to take things slow for now.

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Élisabeth Rioux posing poolside in a coral bikini, Right: Élisabeth Rioux with her new boyfriend.

Élisabeth Rioux posing poolside in a coral bikini, Right: Élisabeth Rioux with her new boyfriend.

A lot of questions have been swirling regarding Élisabeth Rioux's love life since the content creator posted a video alongside a mystery man on Halloween, which only added further fuel to the rumour-filled fire

Well, Rioux is finally setting the record straight and is dishing out some juicy deets on her newfound love. The swimwear designer confirmed that she is, in fact, in a relationship back in November after accidentally exposing her romance on Instagram.

Although Élisabeth confirmed her new relationship, she has kept everything else on the down low...until now.

The 26-year-old spoke with Narcity Québec where she revealed that she and her new man met online back in August and that she doesn't think she'll be introducing him to her 1.5 million followers just yet.

"I don't have any plans about it, my boyfriend is a lawyer [at a] big firm, so it's more complicated to show his face on social media. I don't want a big official announcement for sure, so I don't mix my relationship with the networks, but he's not an international secret either, people know he exists," Rioux shared.

As for her boyfriend's relationship with Rioux's daughter Wolfie, Élisabeth says the two are a great duo. "He gets along great with Wolfie, he loves kids. As a teenager, he worked as a day camp counsellor and dreamed of being an elementary school teacher, so it's cool to see someone who's invested! He even has a baby car seat in his car already."

Rioux said that following her tumultuous relationship with ex Bryan McCormick, she didn't want to give up on love entirely. So, while she describes herself as a "lover of love," she wishes to take things slow and "really take things one day at a time."

Élisabeth also told Narcity that she and her boyfriend both work 50 to 60 hour-long weeks, so while they don't spend every waking moment together, the time they do share is always special.

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Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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