Gas Prices In Quebec Are Soaring — Here's Where Fuel Is The Cheapest

These Quebec locations currently have the cheapest gas prices!

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Petro Canada gas station.

Petro Canada gas station.

The price of gas in Quebec is continuing to rise, and it's inked to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Prices are hitting all-time highs as of March 5 across the province. However, there are a few ways to save money on gas by filling up where it's cheapest right now.

According to CAA National, the average cost of gas across Quebec is 182.7 cents per litre, which is a hefty jump from yesterday's average of 177.4 cents per litre. Last month, the average was 160.3 cents per litre, proving just how much can change in so little time.

According to CAA, the regions in which gas is the cheapest right now are Saint-Jerome (168.5 cents per litre), Saint-Hyacinthe (172.9 cents per litre), Magog (173 cents per litre), Granby (173.1 cents per litre), Val-d'Or (179.4 cents per litre), Alma (173.9 cents per litre), Sept-Iles (174.1 cents per litre), Chicoutimi (174.1 cents per litre), Sherbrooke (176.3 cents per litre), and Gatineau (176.8 cents per litre).

Unfortunately for those in and around the Montreal area, gas prices are worth tearing up over. The average cost of gas in Montreal is 186 cents per litre; in Laval it's 185.5 cents per litre; in Brossard it's 185.9 cents per litre, and in Blainville it's 186.9 cents per litre.

In a tweet on March 4, CAA-Quebec stated that "oil indicators are up sharply due to the attacks by Russia (a major oil producer) in Ukraine," and that it is impossible to know how long this situation will last.

CAA-Quebec is "continuing its observations and will denounce if the industry takes advantage of the situation to increase its profits," they said.

While the cost of gas is soaring, it may be worth taking a quick road trip to a cheaper region to fill up.

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Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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