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Hélène Boudreau Opened Up About Wanting Kids & The Future Of Her Relationship

Hélène and Jessy won't be having kids any time soon!

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Helene Boudreau and her boyfriend, Jessy Jones.

Helene Boudreau and her boyfriend, Jessy Jones.

Hélène Boudreau took to her Instagram Saturday, November 12 to answer a series of questions sent in from her over 280,000 followers and the OnlyFans mogul opened up about her desire to have kids and what's in store for her relationship with fellow adult content creator Jessy Jones.

In one of her IG Stories, Hélène was asked whether she was open to the idea of being a mother. However, Boudreau has no plans on having kids until 2025

"I'm a career woman and I don't feel the urgency to have children before 35. I think having children in my twenties is much too early, but that's my opinion and I know I'm in the minority," she said.

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Boudreau was asked back in July whether she fears she'll ever get recognized when she's a mother — and turns out, she's got it all planned out. "There's going to be a nanny that's going to pick up my child or children and I'm going to have to change my name."

As for what's in store for her romance with Jessy Jones, Hélène said that she and her new boo plan on travelling a lot more in the coming months.

"I want to enjoy life. We are going on a trip already [to] New York and Las Vegas, and we are planning to go to Asia mid-February (Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Philippines and maybe Australia)," she added.

Hélène has also resumed her studies at UQAM in order to finally get her bachelor's degree, so she said that she remains "100% dedicated" to her schooling and career before considering whether to become a parent.

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