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Hélène Boudreau Opened Up About Her Breast Implant Reduction In An Emotional Video

A private video of Hélène's post-surgery breasts was leaked.

Hélène Boudreau Instagram Stories.

Hélène Boudreau Instagram Stories.

Hélène Boudreau, who rose to fame in 2021 following her infamous UQAM graduation pic, shared an emotional update regarding her recent breast implant reduction surgery and how a private video shared to her Instagram "close friends" story was leaked.

On September 3, Boudreau had her original breast implants, which she got two years ago in Tunisia, removed in favour of smaller and "safer" ones. The artist and OnlyFans mogul got very emotional Thursday morning after opening up to her 271,000 followers about her breast implant journey, stating that while the surgery went well and the surgeon did a great job, she's still not happy with the result.

@iamhely | Instagram

"I still find my breasts are too big," Boudreau said. "I didn't want to have a breast lift, as this could cause major scarring and I didn't want to take the chance. So, that's why the doctor put in big implants." Hélène revealed that she went from having size F breasts to Ds. "They're still too big and I want to get Bs or Cs, but it requires a big scar and because of the work I do, I wanted to minimize as much damage as possible."

"I'm at the end of it. I had two broken legs this year and I don't want any more surgeries," she shared before tearing up. Boudreau is not only dealing with the aftermath of her surgery, but also navigating an exploitative situation that involves a recent video of her post-op breasts being leaked and published to a "big Instagram page," whose name Boudreau didn't reveal.

@iamhely | Instagram

"There's no respect. He just wanted popularity," Boudreau said. "I am friends with the owner of this Instagram page and he decided to post the video anyways." Hélène pointed out that in response to her pleas to not post the video, the owner told her "'after all I've done for you this is how you treat me?' I was shocked."

Hélène went on to acknowledge that while there are bigger issues in the world than someone who simply doesn't like their breasts, it's still her body and her choice to decide what gets published. "I can show myself naked, but it's me and my choice. This man did the opposite and uses others to degrade them just for likes and followers," Hélène said.

The video was also posted to the man's TikTok page, which Boudreau said she reported. "To see a person abuse others for likes and followers is completely despicable."

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