According to Journal de Montréal, a group of about 15 people allegedly decided to hold a protest in front of Premier François Legault's house on Sunday afternoon. 

The only thing is... it wasn't Legault's home, which he made clear in a tweet that said "I don't live in Westmount."

Legault also left a sassy comment for the people who chose to protest in front of the wrong house.

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"The demonstrators were at the wrong house...and perhaps in the wrong fight...." the premier tweeted on Sunday evening.

A similar situation happened on October 15, when a group of Quebecers figured out Public Health Director Horacio Arruda's home address and began protesting in front of his place of residence.

This time, the protesters actually had the right place.

Because of such, Arruda was given a personal chauffeur and bodyguard to make sure he was protected.

In a previous press conference, he told Quebecers "I believe in protesting. In a democratic society, we must let people express themselves." But, Arruda said someone's home should never be a space where they're held.