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Montreal Ranked In The Top 10 Best Cities In The World For Gen Z

Montreal ate and left no crumbs!

Montreal skyline during the wintertime.

Montreal skyline during the wintertime.

When it comes to living your best young life, turns out Montreal is one of the finest places in the world. Peek & Cloppenburg ranked the top spots across the globe for Gen Z, and Montreal managed to land seventh on the list.

The study defined Gen Z as people born between the late '90s and mid-2010s who share common key social, political and technological circumstances. Peek & Cloppenburg took into consideration a range of factors related to digitalization, principles, lifestyle and the economy — all of which make up each city's final score.

Montreal was given an overall score of 95.4, with our city's "principles" scoring us the most points thanks to the city's stance on climate change, gender equality, internationalism, access to mental health care, access to other health care, safety and the research impact of its universities.


When it comes to living your best young life, turns out Montreal is one of the finest places im the world. This is because Montreal was ranked in the top 10 best cities in the wlrld for Gen Z. 🌎🤳 In collaboration with @The I.C.E Girls #mtl #montreal #mtlblog #montréal #genz #genzlife #bestcities #topcities #cityranking #canada #canadian #genzvsmillenial

Although the 514 is known for its booming nightlife and food scene, Montreal's "lifestyle" score was the lowest of all four factors. Concerts, nightlife, Gen Z influencer activity and university population were all measured for this specific category — ultimately falling behind our digitization and economy figures.

Nevertheless, Montreal rightfully earned its top-10 ranking. In fact, it's the only Canadian city to make an appearance in the top 20, with Ottawa (30), Toronto (41), and Vancouver (60) trailing behind.

Wondering who else scored big? Check out the entire top 10 of best cities for Gen Z:

  1. Berlin, Germany (100)
  2. Bern, Switzerland (97.0)
  3. Stockholm, Sweden (96.7)
  4. Brisbane, Australia (96.7)
  5. Edinburgh, UK (96.1)
  6. Tokyo, Japan (95.6)
  7. Montreal, Canada (95.4)
  8. Cologne, Germany (95.4)
  9. Frankfurt, Germany (95.2)
  10. Austin, USA (95.1)

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