A Rescue Group Says 3 Cats Were Found Dumped In A Garbage Bin Outside Montreal

The cats showed signs of long-term neglect. Now the group is trying to raise funds to treat them.

3 Cats Found In Garbage Bin Outside Montreal

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Rescue group Chatopia reported Wednesday that it had rescued three cats from a garbage bin in the Montreal area. The three animals were crammed into a single carrier.

"Three little souls left in one carrier waiting for the garbage truck to appear," the group wrote on Instagram. "Who knows how long they were in there. Maybe overnight, or a few days. Someone out there actually thought this was an easy way to get rid of unwanted animals."

Chatopia said the cats showed signs of long-term neglect, including eye infections, severely overgrown and infected nails, and matted hair.

Chatopia president and founder Maggie Shuter told MTL Blog that one cat, a roughly six-year-old Himalayan, had "mats and feces and urine [...] so encrusted all over the body and especially around the feet that it had started peeling off and peeling the skin back."

Its nails had become so overgrown that they had receded into its paw, making the cat unable to walk.

Now, Chatopia is trying to raise funds to pay for the medical treatment the cats need — treatment, Shuter made clear, the cats will receive no matter what. The group will be posting updates on its Facebook page.

The organization has reported the incident to the SPCA, but above all, Shuter wants the person responsible to reach out to seek help if they have more animals.

"I would love people to know that there are options."

"You don't have to come to me and tell me all the details. You don't have to come to any rescue and tell us the details. Just make sure the animals get the help they need."

"If your animal is in dire straits or needs medical care and you can't afford it, then reach out to somebody."