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7 Montreal Valentine's Day Date Ideas That Won't Make You Want To Throw Up

For the lovers who aren't into all the heart-shaped candies, red roses and fancy dinners.

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7 Montreal Valentine's Day Date Ideas That Won't Make You Want To Throw Up

When it comes to Montreal Valentine's Day date ideas, not everyone wants to get dressed up and go out for a fancy dinner. Don't worry, you're not alone.

If you and your lover think all the red and pink decorations are lame and a bouquet of roses and chocolate is far too basic, then we've got a few ideas as to how you can spend this capitalist holiday together.

Why should your love only be celebrated on one day a year out of 365 anyway, right?

Have a bagel date

Why This Makes A Not-Lame Date: Bagels are part of Montreal culture. So, going for a bagel date on V-Day is really just a way to celebrate both the city and the relationship you're in, without all the balloons and heart-shaped candies. Your relationship may be put to the test when trying to decide between St-Viateur Bagel and Fairmount Bagel.

Go skating at a lesser-known rink

Why This Makes A Not-Lame Date: We can already assume that popular skating rinks in Montreal, like the Old Port Skating Rink and the one at Beaver Lake, are going to be hopping with couples taking kissing photos on the ice on February 14. But, you and your boo can hit up one of the lesser-known rinks around the city if you just want to go skate and enjoy each other's company.

Make dinner together

Why This Makes A Not-Lame Date: In hopes that at least one of you doesn't totally suck at cooking, staying home and making dinner together is the perfect way to still manage to get a date in on this capitalist holiday while also avoiding other people. You can also make your surroundings the level of cuteness that you're both okay with. And if you guys aren't the best chefs, you can always order in.

Go for brunch

Why This Makes A Not-Lame Date: If you and your S.O. are the going out type but don't like all the lameness surrounding the holiday, then we suggest you get brunch on Valentine's Day. I mean, people do this every day of the week, so as long as you don’t get heart-shaped pancakes, it’s just another day. Plus, you'll miss the crowds of people — since most people find steak sexier than eggs... But that doesn't mean you have to.

Take a winter hike

Why This Makes A Not-Lame Date: All the big corporations want us to spend our Valentine's Day spending money on silly things we don't need, but you know what's not silly and what we do need? Nature. So, what better way to celebrate this day than wandering through nature with your partner? It works as both a date and a protest of the holiday all in one. You can either take a hike up Mount Royal or go on a little road trip to a mountain nearby!

Grab poutine together

Why This Makes A Not-Lame Date: Listen, nothing says Montreal romance like a poutine date. And since most couples in the city will be focused on going out for lavish expensive dinners on February 14, you'll probably get whichever poutine place you choose to dine at basically to yourselves.

Take a stroll around the city

Why This Makes A Not-Lame Date: There are tons of lovely spots around Montreal to walk around, like the Lachine Canal or Parc La Fontaine. So, grab your boo and fill a flask with whisky or a thermos with hot chocolate and go explore the city this Valentine's day. As a bonus, you'll be saving money by taking things you already had at your home on your walk with you. Plus, during your walk, you can always peek into restaurant windows and laugh at the couples who are doing exactly what you guys didn't want to.

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