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9 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend That'll Cure Your Boredom

Make the most of the city while it's filled with snow!
9 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend That'll Cure Your Boredom

We might have to be in our homes by 8 p.m., but this doesn't mean there aren't tons of things to do in Montreal during the day this weekend.

As always, there are so many fresh new cuisines to try and restaurants to support around the city. Plus, what's better than indulging in a good meal right now?

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Even if you're planning to make all your own meals this weekend (props to you), there are other cool activities to do that'll get you outside and enjoy the beauty of Montreal in the winter.

Nothing like getting a good dose of fresh air!

Shop For Plants Virtually

Why You Need To Go: Book your Rolling Pop-Up experience for the coolest way to shop for plants online right now. Cynthia Polanco and Chef Edouard will even teach you how to take care of your new green friend!

Go Cross-Country Skiing

Why You Need To Go: To go outside and enjoy some much-needed fresh air.

Learn more

Order A Box Of Fresh Cookies 

Why You Need To Try: Because Livia Sweets is known for making some of the tasty treats in the city and we all need a little sweetest in our lives right now.

Discover A Total Winter Wonderland In The City

Address: Parc Jean-Drapeau

Why You Need To Go: To remind yourself just how pretty winter can be.

Indulge In An Authentic Greek Meal 

Address: Various spots in Montreal

Why You Need To Order: To taste fresh Mediterranean flavours.

Watch Shia LaBeouf And Vanessa Kirby's New Movie Filmed In Montreal

Why You Need To Watch: Not only will you be captivated by the storyline of Pieces of a Woman, but you'll be able to get glimpses of our city throughout the film.

Have An At-Home Pizza Party

Why You Need To Try: Taste Italy Pizzaioli Traiteur makes the most incredible frozen pizzas that'll feel like you've stepped into a restaurant in Florence all while being in the comfort of your home.

Discover New Local Brands

Why You Need To Check Them Out: Because retail therapy always helps, right?

Get Six Free Mr.Puffs

Address: All Mr. Puffs locations until January 31

Why You Need To Go: With the purchase of a delicious hot chocolate, you can get six free puffs.

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