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A Massive Protest In Montreal Took Place On Saturday Because Of These 7 Demands (VIDEOS)

Over 7.8k people responded to the Facebook event for the protest.

A Massive Protest In Montreal Took Place On Saturday Because Of These 7 Demands (VIDEOS)

If you got caught in tons of traffic on Saturday, September 11, it's likely due to the massive protest in Montreal that took place at 1 p.m. that day.

Protesters met at Place Émilie Gamelin and walked through the city's streets on a 4.6 km route. The protest was labelled a "Pacific Resistance March," translated from French.

To give you an idea of just how many people showed up, here's an aerial view of Saturday's protest.

In this time-lapse of the protest, you can see a number of blue signs, including many Quebec flags and others that say "Trump 2020" on them.

On the Facebook event called "Marche de la Résistance Pacifique," the organizer gave a detailed list of why their demands, which are:

  • "The end of the state of health emergency,
  • Repeal of the public health law,
  • An immediate end to all measures- Vaccine freedom (free choice),
  • The abandonment of the pass / QR code- Final end to media propaganda,
  • Live public debates,
  • An independent inquiry into the management of the pandemic, [and]
  • Access to the scientific studies on which the government bases its decisions."

Véronique Comtois, a spokesperson for the SPVM, told MTL Blog that there were no fines handed out during the protest and no arrests made as of Sunday at 12 p.m. But, two incidents that occurred at Saturday's protest remain "under investigation" — one act of mischief and another involving a fire in a chemical toilet.

Comtois was unable to provide the number of protesters that showed up, but 7.8k people responded to the Facebook event.

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