A Montreal Cyclist Shared Hilarious Audio During A Race & It's The Most Quebec Thing Ever

The video is going VIRAL.

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
A Montreal cyclist riding his speed bike.

A Montreal cyclist riding his speed bike.

When it comes to professional sports, things can sometimes get intense, so intense you catch yourself cursing left and right. Well, that was exactly the case for Montreal cyclist Charles Ouimet, who shared a hilarious audio clip during a recent race of him navigating his bike along a chaotic dirt course and it's safe to say it hurt a little bit.

Ouimet, who is a self-proclaimed "racefluencer" (racer + influencer) first got into cycling when the pandemic first hit – posting content onto his YouTube channel, all while working on some pretty rad projects and cycling films.

With over 30,000 subscribers, Ouimet is certainly no stranger to his content going viral. Since posting the clip to his social media, Ouimet has garnered nearly a million views and we can't help but laugh over the commentary.

"Arrgggg, tabanak! Calis!" Ouimet can be heard screaming at the beginning of the clip. "Pourquoi? Pourquoi? Pourquoi? On fait ça? Tabarnak! C'est quoi l'esti idée? Calis! Pourquoi on fait ça? Tabarnak!"

Ouimet's expressions certainly don't get anymore Quebecois than that. However, it was definitely warranted. Turns out, that cycling section was rough for anyone participating in the Sea Otter Classic race, which took place in California on April 22, 2023.

"Race organizers were lazy and literally used the mountain bike race course for the gravel course, which makes the ride very gnarly with no suspension on the bike," Ouimet told MTL Blog. "That section was terrible. I was filming a YouTube video about my day racing and caught myself swearing a lot. It made me laugh so I decided to share with everyone."

While the cyclist's choice of words are exactly what you'd expect from any Quebecer, his use of "French Canadian" in the caption is now sparking some major controversy.

"French Quebecois pas Canadien," one user wrote. "We’re Quebecers not French Canadian smh," another replied in the comments. Either way, the situation seemed extremely painful, so call it what you will, but Ouimet's verbiage was unquestionably accurate.

Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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