A New Griffintown Restaurant Embraces Local Suppliers, Mindful Dining & A Little Decadence

Nolan's menu is practically a love letter to Quebec cuisine.

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Food from Montreal restaurant, Nolan, Right: Person enjoying a drink from Montreal restaurant, Nolan.

Food from Montreal restaurant, Nolan, Right: Person enjoying a drink from Montreal restaurant, Nolan.

Gabi Sandler | MTL Blog, @annesophie_page | Instagram

Nolan, one of the newest restaurants in Griffintown's bustling scene, has been gaining early praise for its decadent, shareable menu prioritizing Quebec-grown foods and its welcoming, mindful vibe.

Opened by a group of Montreal resto veterans, including Executive Chef Vincent Lévesque-Lepage, Nolan is already making quite the impression despite only having opened its doors less than two months ago.

Made with all Quebec-grown ingredients, Nolan serves market-fresh dishes that are a reflection of the rich, diverse seasons that we're fortunate enough to experience in la belle province.

With a menu curated by Chef Vincent, the dishes are decadent and flavourful and can be perfectly shared at the table.

It's summer at the moment, so you'll find lighter, more refreshing dishes like the asparagus with smoked egg yolk and trout eggs and a stunning plate of radishes in a ranch sauce.

But not to worry — more satiating plates, like the cavatelli with sweet peas and Clos-des-Roches cheese, and the already iconic Nolan rolls with smoked meat, Emmental and sauerkraut with a sweet chilli sauce, will fill up both your belly and heart with joy.

A newly launched lunch menu includes fresh sandwiches, including a breakfast option, a vegan option and the heartier meat option.

Much like Nolan's food menu, just as much love and attention went into the cocktail and wine lists.

The restaurant offers up original creations like the Luberon with Select Aperitivo, and orange Colombo, plus there are a few signature choices that have been dubbed as the "Nolan Classics," including Robyn with Averna, white vermouth and lemon.

Cocktails at Nolan.Cocktails at Nolan.Gabi Sandler | MTL Blog

The restaurant imports all of its wine from local agencies that work with worldwide wine producers, Nolan told MTL Blog.

While they have Canadian and Quebec-sourced wines, it's a rather small quantity, Nolan said.

As for the space itself, the restaurant adopts a "come as you are" philosophy with a literal open-door policy ... In fact, the team told MTL Blog that the door's positioning was changed to allow for a more free-flowing, open-concept space to really maximize the coming together of friends, loved ones and fellow diners.

Intimately chic, the design is as much a part of the coming together as the food. The restaurant doesn't even have wifi — a means of encouraging guests to truly be present during their time at Nolan.

The stunning terrasse is located on rue Saint-Martin, which allows for a quieter, more personal outdoor dining experience but still in on all of the action that one of Montreal's tastiest neighbourhoods has to offer.

Opened from Wednesday to Sunday, Nolan has already established itself as one of the hottest places to go this summer. And with a new season and an all-new menu on the horizon, there's no doubt it will be just as popular all year long and then some.


Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Café and wine bar

Address: 1752, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: This new spot is challenging the ranks of some of Montreal's top restaurants with an approach prioritizing local flavours and mindful dining. With dishes made from entirely Quebec-sourced products, you can't go wrong with seasonal choices that will take your palette on the culinary adventure it deserves.


Gabi Sandler
Contributing Writer