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This South Asian Montreal Restaurant Has A Mouthwatering Menu With A Side Of Cozy Vibes

And it's bring your own wine! 🍷

Restaurant Amber in Montreal. Right: Pakistani/Indian dishes with wine.

Restaurant Amber in Montreal. Right: Pakistani/Indian dishes with wine.

On the hunt for a new fancy dinner spot in Montreal? Restaurant Amber, a Pakistani and Indian resto is the perfect place for any cultural-cuisine lover to try.

The restaurant, located on rue Rachel in Montreal's Plateau-Mont-Royal, first opened in January 2021 and has been happily serving decadent dishes to locals and tourists alike ever since.

The owners of Amber told MTL Blog that they chose to open a Pakistani/Indian restaurant "because the two cuisines are almost similar. Indian cuisine is known for its vegetarian dishes while Pakistani cuisine is stronger in non-vegetarian dishes."

Also, because they wanted to introduce Montrealers to Pakistani cuisine, which they noted is rarely found in our city.

The dishes came to fruition in collaboration with ideas from various Pakistani and Indian chefs, along with the help of "opinions and comments" from customers which the owners used to modify the menu along the way.

The restaurant recommends some of their most popular dishes including lamb korma, butter chicken, and their karahi sauces.

Amber's owners aimed to have a "modern cozy" vibe to their restaurant, to which they were most definitely successful. During the summer, the restaurant has a large open window at the front, which makes it feel extremely welcoming.

Plus, it's a bring your own wine, so you can hit up the SAQ and grab your fav bottle before heading over.

Or, you can try one of Amber's mocktails that has an Indian/Pakistani touch, including the mango mojito, blueberry cardamom explosion, or the tamarind and ginger margarita. Either way, you're sure to be well-fed and hydrated when leaving.

Bon appétit!

Restaurant Amber

Address: 266, rue Rachel E., Montreal, QC

Why You Should Go: Try out some of Amber's flavour-filled Pakistani/Indian dishes all while enveloped in the cozy and chic ambiance that the restaurant offers. Oh, and don't forget to bring your own wine.


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