A Quebec Photographer Got A Rare Shot Of A Canadian Lynx Family After Walking Into Them

A photographer got a once-in-a-lifetime photo while out on a hike. Jay Lapointe says he was hours into the woods and "far away from the closest house" when he happened upon an adorable Canadian lynx family.

Lapointe took out his camera and began snapping shots of the mother and four cubs. He later shared them in an Instagram post that has garnered hundreds of comments and likes.

"They didn't seem afraid at all of me," he wrote in the caption.

"I told myself that maybe I was the one that should be afraid."

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This experience will probably stay in my mind.

Jay Lapointe

Then the fear set in.

"I realized how far alone in the woods and that I had to go right through them to go back to the car."

But the shy family snuck away after posing for a few spectacular portraits, shared below with Lapointe's permission.

"They didn't move at all while I was getting close and closer. At 15-10 metres or so they eventually [disappeared] in the woods."

As his own family grows (he and his girlfriend are expecting a child), the photographer says this experience will stick with him.

"It's probably the only chance I'll ever have to see a lynx family in the wild."

Lapointe, a landscape and wildlife photographer from Quebec City, shares his work on Instagram.

The lynx photo and other prints are also for sale online.

According to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Canadian lynx can measure up to 90 cm in length and inhabit "forested wilderness areas" across the country.

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