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Montreal Was Just Ranked Canada's 12th Sexiest City & We're Shocked And Appalled

Twelfth? Seriously... twelfth?
Montreal Was Just Ranked Canada's 12th Sexiest City & We're Shocked And Appalled

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A Canadian sex toy retailer just ranked Montreal the 12th sexiest city in Canada.

Before you get all up-in-arms about the fact that we're supposedly less sexy than both Ottawa and Calgary — seriously, what? — the rankings were based on PinkCherry sales data from the past year.

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12th Montreal's ranking among Canada's sexiest cities of 2020

PinkCherry tallied up each city's sex toy sales per person to determine Canada's sexiest cities — which are really the cities that purchase the most sex toys.

It also tallied up the most popular sex toys in each region of the country and made a whole interactive map to display the findings.

Calgary (Alberta), Surrey (B.C.) and Edmonton (Alberta) were ranked the top three sexiest cities in Canada this year, according to sex toy sales per person.

PinkCherry's top toys sold in 2020, from most to least popular, were:

  • Vibrators (Montreal ranked 188th in sales overall)
  • Dildos (Montreal ranked 172nd in sales overall)
  • Male masturbators (Montreal ranked 182nd in sales overall)
  • Bondage (Montreal ranked 182nd in sales overall)
  • Anal toys (Montreal ranked 182nd in sales overall)
  • Lingerie (Montreal ranked 197th in sales overall)

The top three sex toys sold to Montrealers via PinkCherry's website were a clitoral stimulator, a wand massager and a blowjob simulation machine.

PinkCherry's online tool also allows you to expand beyond the top major cities and directly compare the cities, towns and municipalities of your choosing.

Between Montreal and Pointe-Claire, Pointe-Claire came out on top as the sexier city, buying more PinkCherry sex toys per capita than Montreal.

Laval was ranked the 20th sexiest city in Canada, according to PinkCherry's rankings. Laval and Quebec City were the only other Quebec cities to make the top 20.

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