All The Montreal Companies Fined For Language Law Violations In 2021 According To The OQLF

And the rules they broke.

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All The Montreal Companies Fined For Language Law Violations In 2021 According To The OQLF

Ah, the OQLF, the Quebec agency charged with promoting the French language and enforcing laws that protect it.

In addition to providing resources for French learners and launching campaigns to encourage its use, the office also investigates possible violations of the Charter of the French Language, or Bill 101. Commonly referred to as the collection of the province's "language laws," Bill 101 establishes rules for the use of French in commercial activity.

On its website, the OQLF publishes the names of businesses its investigations found violated the Charter. If found guilty, these businesses could be liable to a fine imposed by a Quebec court.

Here are the Montreal businesses that have been slapped with a fine for violating language laws in 2021.

Qiang Zhong Inc. Real Estate

In October, a $1,500 fine went to Qiang Zhong Inc., a real estate company in Montreal.

The OQLF cited a violation of section 52 of the Charter, which states that "catalogues, brochures, folders, commercial directories and any similar publications must be drawn up in French."

According to the OQLF, the company posted advertising on Facebook that wasn't translated to French.

Dress 2 Impress/Agence D2I

Earlier in October, this modelling agency was fined $600, also for violating section 52.

The OQLF said in its announcement that the company "was accused of having a website ( with content that was not in French."

Guy LaRue Notary

In May, this notary business in Verdun was slapped with a $600 fine after the owner pleaded guilty to violating section 58 of the French language charter, according to the OQLF.

Section 58 states that "public signs and posters and commercial advertising must be in French" or French and another language so long as the French is "markedly predominant."

The office says the notary business had signs on which French was not predominant.

Cible Jeu

In April, this company in Saint-Laurent was given a $1,500 fine after pleading guilty to a Charter section 52 violation.

The OQLF says that a complaint was issued in 2019 because the company's website didn't have a French translation.

Le Marché Fooderie

In April, Le Marché Fooderie was fined $1,500 for a violation of section 52 of the Charter of the French Language. We're seeing a theme on this list.

In what looks like a classic situation, the OQLF says the business was accused of not having French content on its website.

Diebold Nixdorf Canada, Limited

Diebold Nixdorf Canada, Limited paid a $1,500 fine in April for violating section 140 of the Charter, according to the language watchdog.

Section 140 stipulates that the OQLF can order a business to "adopt a francization program" if it finds that "the use of French is not generalized at all levels of the enterprise." The business then has six months to send its program plan to the office for approval.

The OQLF says Diebold Nixdorf was accused of not sending in a plan on time.

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