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7 Of The Best 'Friend Dates' In Montreal To Bond With Your Buddies

You might even pick up a new skill, or two.

​People watch a friend climb a wall. Right: Friends pose with feathered fans.

People watch a friend climb a wall. Right: Ffriends pose with feathered fans.

You don't need to wait until "Palentine's Day," or even the weekend, to invest in your platonic relationships and show your friends how much you appreciate them.

Instead of opting for another hang at the bar, here are some creative options to spend quality time with your pals and maybe pick up a new skill:

Chocolate Making

Cost: $80/class

Address: Ave. Mozart O., Montreal. QC

Reason to try: If you've ever spotted La Tarterie's eye-catching treats around Montreal, you've probably also wondered how they pack such vibrant colour into every bite. These classes are a sweet opportunity to find out and to also see which of your friends makes the best bonbons. Each session is given in English and lasts three hours for up to four people. There's also a vegan class to accommodate dietary restrictions.



Where: 110-1851, rue Sainte-Catherine O., Montreal. QC

Cost: $83+ depending on size

Reason to try: Tututu Space will help you and your friends make mini rugs in any design. The studio provides all the supplies, so you just have to make an appointment and show up with your idea in mind.

You can also opt to paint cute bear figurines in each other's company. Any visit to Tututu gives you ample space to chat with your friends while engaging your creative side.



Where: 1209, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal. QC

Cost: $24/session; $8/shoe rental

Reason to try: Let your friendship reach new heights at this bouldering gym in the heart of downtown. You can free climb over a dozen walls, including an outdoor, rooftop rock face.

It's an affordable and active way to cheer on your friends and feel inspired to try formations you might not otherwise. You don't need any prior experience to give bouldering a try, plus there's a café-bar on-site serving food and drinks, so you can snack together after a session well-climbed.


Burlesque Class

Where: 7100, rue Saint-Hubert, Studio 204, Montreal. QC

Cost: $26/single class; $72/three classes

Reason to try: Lean into the sensual art of burlesque with your pals at this studio near metro Jean-Talon. You can pick a popular beginner group class or private session to boost your self-confidence in a supportive environment while also learning how to disrobe with dignity. Serving sexy looks and moving more gracefully are inevitable side effects of trying out the glamourous performance style.



Where: 5850, boul. des Grandes-Prairies, Montreal. QC

Cost: $24/two hours

Reason to try: Release your inner child at this massive complex filled with bouncy surfaces, obstacle courses and foam pits. You and your buds can battle it out with foam logs on a balance beam, fling yourselves onto an inflated airbag or just jump around and let off some excess energy.


Board Games

Where: BAnQ, 475, boul. de Maisonneuve E., Montreal. QC

Cost: Free

Reason to try: Montreal's BAnQ has hundreds of board games for you to borrow. If you're not feeling up to the hustle and bustle of a board game bar, you can always head to the huge downtown library and check out up to three games from the sizeable selection of trivia, adventure, strategy and coop options.


Record Shopping

Reason to try: Musically-minded Montrealers already know to head to any of the city's independent record stores to get their fix of new or used releases. But heading to one of these cafés with friends makes the activity hit different. You can search through bins together for your favourite hits while also digging into some delicious treats.

These prices are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time. Taxes and fees may not be included.

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