Carey Price Is Getting All The Love From Fans After He Bravely Shared His Struggles

Montreal Canadiens fans have Carey Price's back. After he released a statement saying he had entered a substance abuse treatment program and was focusing on his mental health, tons of praise and supportive messages poured in on social media.

Universally beloved by his teammates and Habs fans near and far, Price is poised to be welcomed back with open arms and even more open hearts.

"There's a reason why he attracts good people and everybody wants to be around him, because he's a great human being," Habs forward Tyler Toffoli said at a post-game press conference on Tuesday night.

Habs defenceman Ben Chiarot echoed Toffoli, calling Price "a leader on our team" and "a brave man to come out and face his fears the way he did."

"That's not easy for guys to do, and he did it head-on."

Several Habs fans took to Twitter to share similar sentiments about Price. Many posts exclaimed how Price's honesty and openness would "open the door" for athletes and inspire others to seek help for their issues.

In his statement, Price said he was in "a very dark place" in the past few years and explained that he "didn't have the tools to cope."

His decision to enter a treatment facility for substance abuse was brought on by a need to "prioritize my health for both [himself] and for [his] family."

He also encouraged others to seek help if that's what they need to do.

There's no word on when Price will officially return to the team or when he'll suit up for his first game, but he deserves to take all the time he needs.