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Carey Price Was Spotted Training With The Habs & It's The Best Early Christmas Gift Ever

Here's Carey! After a very dramatic week for Montreal Canadiens fans, Carey Price decided to take to the ice for what looks like a short training session with the team. His short yet sweet appearance will certainly lift everyone's spirits and remind everyone to keep calm and Carey on.

In a video, Price is shown doing a few goalie drills without equipment on. While it's strange to see him on the ice out of his goalie gear, his swagger is unmistakable even after spending all this time away from the game.

Other than appearing at training for one of the first times since he took a voluntary leave of absence from the team, Price is back in the public eye.

His wife, Angela Price, recently shared a very adorable photo of her husband and daughter placing the star on their Christmas tree.

Seeing the Habs goalie with a smile on his face is sure to be a welcome sight for both his family and his many fans.

Before the start of the season, the Canadiens announced that Price was taking a voluntary leave of absence to enter the NHL's player assistance program. The news hit the team and the city quite hard but everyone was quick to voice their support for the Habs star.

Early in November, Price broke his silence on the matter and explained that he entered the program to get help for substance use and mental health issues.

From all of us here at MTL Blog, welcome back, Carey!

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