Caufield's Nickname In The Habs Locker Room Is, Apparently, The Other Name For A Rooster

Well, then... 😳

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Caufield's Nickname In The Habs Locker Room Is, Apparently, The Other Name For A Rooster

Hockey nicknames are ubiquitous in the NHL. Pretty much everyone has one. But let's face it, most of them are just names like "Gally" — stale, unoriginal and based on the guy's last name. But sometimes, a hockey nickname comes around that's so genius and so telling of the man behind it that you just have to stand up and applaud.

Cole Caufield's nickname exists in this pantheon of genius hockey names. Apparently, the diminutive forward was dubbed "The Cock" by the one and only Shea Weber.

You read that right. "The Cock."

In a snippet of an interview on the program Spittin' Chiclets posted to TikTok, Caufield is asked by host Paul Bissonnette what "the boys" on the team call him.

Flashing a sheepish grin, Caufield hesitated to reveal the name as Bissonnette wondered out loud if he "can't say it on camera."

"Uh, yeah...I mean," began Caufield, giggling as one with his nickname would giggle. "Weber came up with's The Cock."

"Why is that?" asked Bissonnette, glancing at the camera, seemingly knowing full-well why Caufield's nickname is "The Cock."

One of the show's hosts remarked "what kind of nickname is The Cock" as everyone was laughing. Caufield, for his part, said that he is "not mad about it." I mean, why would he be?

Looking at Caufield's 5-foot-7 stature, one wouldn't think that "The Cock" could possibly be an appropriate nickname. But the implication seems to be... how shall we put this... that what he lacks in height he apparently makes up for in other places.

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