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Costco Canada Is Hiring In Montreal & You Could Earn Up To $70,000 Plus Benefits

And don't forget about those free samples.

Costco Wholesale sign.

Costco Wholesale sign.

Costco Canada is currently hiring all across the country and there are loads of jobs open at both the Marché Central and rue Bridge locations in Montreal.

Positions currently available in Montreal include baker, cake decorator, loss prevention clerk, cashier assistant, sales assistant, marketing road representative and member service assistant, to name a few.

Most positions don't require any specific skills or experience, as employee training is provided. Additionally, applicants don't need anything more than a high school diploma or GED for many of the roles Costco is looking to fill.

Top-rate clerks who work full-time in the warehouse can earn up to $70,000 in Canada. On average, employees earn around $26 per hour, which is $11.75 more than Quebec's current minimum wage — not to mention the benefits you get.

Costco states that they have one of the most "competitive benefits packages in the industry," providing both employees and their spouses and/or children with a full spectrum of benefits.

Costco's benefits package includes health care (prescription drugs, vision, paramedical services, hearing aids and more), dental care and a retirement plan whereby Costco "makes an annual contribution to the employees’ pension plan, based on a percentage of eligible earnings."

Hold up, that's not it. Costco employees also benefit from the employee and family assistance program, disability, and critical illness insurance.

New employees are also immediately eligible to enroll in the employee share purchase plan, which allows you to buy Costco shares through a payroll deduction. This time last year, the value of a Costco share (COST) was US$443.19. Today, COST stands at US$537.70 per share.

As if all of that wasn't enough, Costco also offers a scholarship program where they pay up to a maximum of $2,500 per year to employees and their children currently enrolled in college or university.

So, dust off those resumes and apply away.

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