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The CBSA Is Hiring Across Canada & Some Roles Pay Over $100,000

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Canada Border Services agent, Right: Canada Border Services Agent posing with dog.

Canada Border Services agent, Right: Canada Border Services Agent posing with dog.

Have you been looking to score a job with the Government of Canada? Well, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is hiring for a handful of roles across Canada. And the best part? One role in Montreal pays up to $100,000.

The CBSA is looking to fill various roles in trade compliance verification, agents for organization and classification, administrative positions, and CBSA officer trainees in locations across the country.

The different positions require an array of prerequisites including educational background, experience and language skills. So, if you've got what it takes to qualify, here are a few roles to look out for.

CBSA Officer Trainee

Salary: $69,423 to $77,302

Location: Various locations

Who Should Apply: Candidates looking to apply must hold a secondary school diploma or employer-approved alternative. The trainee program will comprise of five-weeks of facilitated distance learning, and another 13 weeks of in-residence training at the CBSA College in Rigaud, Quebec.

Successful applicants will be given a tax-free allowance of $125 per week for basic expenses and can expect their salary to increase between $75,100 to $89,068 upon completion of the training program. The deadline to apply is July 11, 2022.

Apply here

Administrative Positions

Salary: $50,821 to $54,857

Location: Edmonton and Calgary airports.

Who Should Apply: Applicants must reside within an 80-kilometre radius of Leduc or Calgary, Alberta. You must also have successfully completed two years of secondary school or an employer-approved alternative. Candidates will have to undergo a Reliability Status security clearance and possess a valid driver's license.

Applicants should have experience in providing administrative support services in an office environment and have experience providing client services to the public as well as internal clients. The closing date for this role is August 31, 2022.

Apply here

Organization and Classification

Salary: $80,336 to $99,277

Location: Various locations

Who Should Apply: Candidates must have graduated with a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution with acceptable specialization in various fields including human resources, psychology, business administration, and education sciences, to name a few.

There are "various language requirements" for the role and applicants should have experience in an operational classification environment and experience providing advice and guidance to managers involving the application of legislation, policies, guidelines and procedures governing classification. The deadline to apply is October 14, 2022.

Apply here

Opportunity in Trade Compliance Verification

Salary: $75,398 to $104,988

Location: Montreal and Quebec City

Who Should Apply: Candidates must have successfully completed two years of a post-secondary program in a field such as accounting, finance, business administration, and mathematics, to name a few. Experience in decision making, verifying compliance with professional or legislative requirements, and providing service or advice to the public is necessary.

Various language requirements are necessary for the positions, with bilingualism being "imperative." Candidates must also undergo a Reliability Status security clearance and a Secret security clearance. While the first pull of application will be completed on June 12, 2022, those interested can continue to apply as "subsequent applications will be pulled if and when required."

Apply here

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