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This Dreamy Montreal Bar With Pizza, Neon & Swan Drinks Is Like A Trip To Another Galaxy

Named one of Canada's best bars, it's the perfect winter date spot.

This Dreamy Montreal Bar With Pizza, Neon & Swan Drinks Is Like A Trip To Another Galaxy

You might not expect much passing by the brick building that houses Fugazzi Pizza in Pointe Saint-Charles. But make your way up Milky Way Cocktail Bar's fluorescent blacklight splattered stairwell and you'll feel like you've been transported to another galaxy — the perfect place to bring a date if you want to escape the winter blues.

Milky Way was even named Canada's best new bar in 2020 by Canada's 100 Best and it's no surprise between the delicious pizza menu, neon lights, intergalactic jungle vibes and unique drink options.

"We have always aimed to be a neighbourhood bar. We wanted the space to breathe and this is how the skylight came to light," said owner Christophe Beaudoin of the skylight that runs across the bar's ceiling.

"Inside it's an accessible yet sophisticated space, and the menu reflects about the same," he continued.

Beaudoin said some of the most popular cocktails on the menu are Bon Pour Le Moral, which includes coconut vodka, pineapple and elderflower liqueur, and Marcus Hibiscus, which has rum, absinthe, hibiscus and mint.

The drinks look as interesting as they taste, coming in kitschy cups shaped like birds, swans, Easter Island Moai statues and more.

For food, Milky Way serves up a whole menu of Fugazzi's pizza, homemade pasta and other modern Italian sides.

"We are about being simple while having fun and pushing our knowledge to share with the crowd," Beaudoin said.

Milky Way Cocktail Bar

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Inventive cocktails & Italian eats

Address: 1886, rue Centre, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Sick of Montreal? This bar is like taking a trip to another galaxy or dimension.


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