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What Each Sign Can Expect In The Last Month Of 2020, According To A Montreal Astrologer

It can only go up from here... we hope.
What Each Sign Can Expect In The Last Month Of 2020, According To A Montreal Astrologer

December is generally a month spent with loved ones, wrapping up the past year while setting intentions for the new one. But with holiday gatherings cancelled in Quebec red zones, it's bound to be different this time around.

Since 2020 was a rollercoaster shitshow — complete with a global pandemic, devastating wildfires, mass protests and murder hornets — it's safe to assume the world is ready to throw this year into the trash where it belongs.

Many Quebecers may be navigating the unknown right now, as business closures lead to layoffs and COVID-19 takes its toll on physical and mental health.

We spoke to Eliza Robertson, MTL Blog's resident astrologer and co-owner of Kosmic Tonic, for insight into what the end of the year holds for each zodiac sign.  

Aries (March 20 - April 19)

What's In Store For December: Fiery Aries natives are known to be aggressive, self-focused and driven to pursue their life goals.

This month, Robertson says, the December 14 eclipse in Sagittarius will affect their ninth house of travel and higher education. The eclipse on November 30 is focused on their area of communication, siblings and local environments.

Robertson advises Aries natives to allow for detours if they have any travel plans during the month of December — make sure you have all your paperwork in order to avoid any pitfalls.

Since many quick changes and unexpected events can occur around eclipses, Aries people should watch for any surprises in education and how they communicate, as well as avoid Twitter fights and arguments via Instagram or Facebook comments.

Mars in Aries will be squaring Pluto around December 22 and 25. Robertson says to be mindful of power dynamics this holiday season and reminds Aries not to push the boundaries of gathering rules or pick fights with family.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

What's In Store For December: Taureans, being the earthy, Venus-ruled bulls they are, are best known as connoisseurs of the finer things in life — great food, a love of the outdoors and expensive material items.

The upcoming December 14 eclipse will put emphasis on other people's money for Taurus — this could mean the money they share with their partner, or it could be money they receive through the government or a business partnership.

While eclipses aren't good or bad, Robertson says, they can signify changes in Taurus' life. Taurus might receive money they weren't expecting in December, or see money coming in rather than going out.

On December 6, Venus in Scorpio will trine Neptune and Pisces — she says this is a great time for Taurus to connect romantically with their significant other, creating a very sweet start to the month.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

What's In Store For December: Gemini, known as a quick-witted, sociable and inconsistent air sign, is represented by the twins — mostly due to the duality of their nature.

Geminis might be experiencing significant change or movement in their life during this time, especially in relationships. The eclipse on December 14 will affect their relationship sector.

Robertson says the first half of December will be focused on self-discovery for Gemini natives — they'll be thinking about what they want and what they need, either in their own lives or in relationships with others.

By December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will be conjunct in their area of money. Robertson advises Geminis that this might be a great time to get their shit together financially — it's a great time to apply for grants and loans, especially if they're an entrepreneur.

Jupiter is an abundant and gift-giving planet, but Saturn makes you work for it. Gemini natives will have to put in the hours and be organized about their goals — only then will they see the returns of their labour.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

What's In Store For December: Cancers, represented by the crab, are known for their compassionate nature, their intuitiveness and their sentimentality.

This past month, Robertson says, things might have felt heavy for Cancers when it comes to supporting their partner or career.

However, Saturn is finally moving out of their relationship sector in December. For the last three years, they may have had to learn some tough lessons in relationships or may have had some bad breakups.

But with Saturn and Jupiter finally moving out of their relationships on December 17 and 19, they may start to feel a sense of relief or lightness.

Next year might be a great time for Cancer to apply their cardinal energy to their work ethic and possibly see the fruits of their labour, Robertson says.

Their career goals might land on receptive ears in December when Mercury in Sagittarius is sending a lovely angle to Mars in their work sector.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

What's In Store For December: Leos, the creative, passionate and fiery kings and queens of the zodiac, are known for their great hair, their loyalty and their luxurious nature.

Leos might be dealing with themes that keep coming up between their friends and how they unwind and have fun, says Robertson.

It could be that they're trying to find ways to catch up with the people in their lives when they're currently unable to gather in red zones, or they could be thinking of friends that may be fading from their lives.

A question Robertson has for Leos in December: How do you reach out to people who could be more distant and maintain your relationships?

This year, derailed by COVID-19, Leos might have lost touch with some of their close acquaintances.

If they're creative, December is a great time to dedicate hours to working on their craft. A lot of electric ideas could be coming to them this month, according to Robertson.

Venus will enter this creative area on December 15, adding some of that keen eye for beauty and aesthetics so many Leos inherently possess.

They could also see positive results from their work over the last year — they might feel a sense of satisfaction by what they've accomplished. Be aware and be proud, Robertson advises Leos.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

What's In Store For December: Virgo, the shrewd and methodical Virgin, is known for their nitpicky, organized and chaotic earth sign nature.

This month, Robertson says the December 14 eclipse will focus on Virgo's area of home, family and roots.

With the November 30 eclipse focusing on their career sector, it could be that Virgos are in the midst of changing jobs or shifting their workflow to adapt to COVID-19.

It could also be that their career changes are having a ripple effect on their home-life — but it doesn't seem negative, Robertson says. It could just be an agent of change or energy in their home situation.

According to Robertson, December could bring awareness to Virgo about the way they handle the relationships in their lives. It could be a good time to make space to spend time with loved ones during this period.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

What's In Store For December: Libras are the ultra-lovable, fair-minded and diplomatic judges of the zodiac. Known for their intellect and grace, their air sign quality makes them social butterflies.

Robertson says that this month's December 14 eclipse will focus on their area of communication, neighbours or siblings.

With Mercury and Neptune squaring in their communication and job sectors, Libras should be extra careful when it comes to work communication in December.

It's not a good time to send the wrong GIPHY gif on Slack or carbon copy the wrong person on an email. Robertson advises Libras to be mindful and aware of their messaging.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

What's In Store For December: Scorpios are known as intense water signs, infamous for their trust issues, their laser focus and their secretive nature.

With the December 14 eclipse focusing on their earnings, there could be shifts to how they're bringing in money — they could receive a generous bonus they weren't expecting or, alternately, there could be unexpected costs they didn't see coming.

When Mercury and Mars trine in their job sector, December will provide Scorpios with the ability to think clearly in response to change. They might be able to power through work issues this month, Robertson says.

In mid-to-late December, Saturn and Jupiter move into Scorpio's home sector — they might have to start dealing with unresolved issues in their family or they might have to face the music with regard to issues at home.

However, Robertson says Scorpios will emerge stronger, happier and more whole after dealing with issues head-on.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

What's In Store For December: Sagittarians are the travel-loving, expansive and philosophical fire signs of the zodiac. They're known for their great sense of humour but can often promise more than they can deliver.

December is officially Sag season, and these archers are celebrating their solar return this month. With the December 14 eclipse focusing on their area of identity and self, they might be experiencing some shifts in the way they prioritize their goals.

If they're queer or transgender, it might be a good time to come out — it's the perfect time for change.

With Venus entering Sagittarius on December 15, they could have more personal magnetism or charisma. Sagittarians might feel more confident during this period — and it's a great time for them to make changes to their appearance.

With Mercury and the Sun in positive aspects to their place of creativity, it's a great time for them to work on their craft.

If they've been feeling financially squeezed lately, Robertson says they might feel some relief around December 17, when Saturn moves into Aquarius.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

What's In Store For December: Capricorns are the hardworking CEOs of the zodiac. Known as the old guard, these earth signs are focused on climbing the corporate ladder and achieving financial security.

Robertson says Capricorns might have had a tough few years, but it'll all be over in 2020.

With Venus in Scorpio, sextile Jupiter and Saturn focusing on their friendship and community sector in December, Capricorns could find their friends showing up for them more, and they're able to spend time with friends who make them feel less alone and who can take the sting off of their last few months of hardships.

The Sun will square Pluto and Mars this month, so Robertson advises Capricorns to avoid reckless behaviour — it's not a good time to light anything on fire, she says.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

What's In Store For December: Aquarius is the forward-thinking and innovative rebel of the zodiac, known for their independent nature and humanitarian air sign qualities.

Saturn and Jupiter will be in their sign on December 17 and 19 — many astrologers refer to this period as the 'Age of Aquarius.'

Saturn will force them to wake up to reality, Robertson says. If they're kidding themselves about something or ignoring something they need to work on, Saturn doesn't leave them an option.

Since Saturn's move into each chart only occurs every 28 to 30 years, they can be feeling like there's lots of work to be done. But as of 2021, Aquarians might feel some hope that they're not going through things alone.

Jupiter will be Saturn's handmaiden next year, Robertson says. They might receive help from an unexpected place. It could also be a great time to see friends they haven't seen in a while, and they'll feel some new energy around the December 14 eclipse.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

What's In Store For December: Pisces, a water sign represented by two fish, is the last constellation of the zodiac and is known for its mercurial, emotional and artistic sensibilities.

With the December 14 eclipse focusing on Pisces' area of career, there could be changes coming to their work life this month. There might be shifts in work rules or changes in personnel in their immediate work environments.

Around the same date, Mercury will be sending a trine to Mars in their earnings sector. According to Robertson, this seems positive — if some of their work involves appealing to people through the use of words, there will be a good flow in the way they express themselves at work.

This could result in positive effects where it comes to their earnings. With Venus in their career sector on December 15, they could receive positive recognition at work despite feeling like they've been working hard without being noticed.

Certain people may come into their life this month who can open professional doors for them, Robertson says.

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