Gas Prices In Montreal Have Dropped So Now Could Be A Good Time To Fill Up Your Tank

According to CAA-Quebec.

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Gas Prices In Montreal Have Dropped So Now Could Be A Good Time To Fill Up Your Tank

Gas prices in Montreal have been a hot topic of conversation lately, thanks to the soaring rates we've all been seeing when we pull up to our local gas stations.

But CAA-Quebec is providing us with a drop of hope by letting us know that gas prices on Monday, November 29, are currently lower than the city's "realistic price."


And if you're wondering what the heck that means, the organization's website explains that "The realistic price is calculated based on the daily acquisition cost indicator and the average retail margin over the past 52 weeks as established by CAA-Quebec."

In other words, now is a great time to fill up your tank if you're hoping to save a buck or two.

As of Monday at 8:15 a.m., the average pump price in Montreal was ¢149,7, compared to its realistic price of ¢152,8.

If ever you happen to be driving through Laval, you may want to fill up there instead, as the average pump price on Monday morning was ¢146,8, contrasted by its realistic price of ¢153,0. So, this may be your sign to go say hey to your pals in Laval today.

For those who refuse to get gas when prices are skyrocketing — as they have been lately — you can go visit CAA-Quebec's Gasoline Watch to check out the daily average pump price in every region of the province.

This virtual tool tells you when it's a good time to buy gas or when you may want to consider waiting to fill your tank.

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