Tennis Star Genie Bouchard Shared Her Favourite MTL Spots To Eat At When She's In The City

We got the scoop on the famous tennis player's go-to Montreal restaurants.

On the list of world-renowned celebrities that we're proud to say are from Montreal, tennis star Genie Bouchard is way at the top.

On August 16, MTL Blog got the chance to sit down with Bouchard and get the scoop on her favourite restaurants to visit whenever she's in her home city.

To start off, the same night MTL Blog interviewed her, Bouchard had dinner with friends at Grinder and, according to her Instagram stories, it looked like she really enjoyed herself.

Besides that, Bouchard told us she's a fan of everything at Orange Julep. "I go to Orange Julep for poutines and the juice, which is so good," she told us. The athlete also likes going to Farsides, Deville Dinerbar, and Beauty's.

Her last place was a little too exclusive for any of us to get into though: her grandma's house. But you may be able to spot her at any of the other mentioned restaurants whenever she comes back to visit from Florida!