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Government of Canada building.

Government of Canada building.

If you've been searching for a Government of Canada job, there are currently several open spots for people living on the Island of Montreal. There are positions available in several departments, including IRCC, the Canadian Coast Guard and the National Film Board. Many have tantalizing salaries.

The roles in this list all pay over $70,000. Some positions offer over $80,000.

Most positions require specific qualifications, including bilingualism, post-secondary education and past experience. If you think you got what the feds are looking for, then send your résumé!

Second Language Assessor 

Salary: $70,954 to $82,698

Company: Public Service Commission of Canada

Who Should Apply: People residing in Canada, Canadian citizens and permanent residents abroad with a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution will be considered for this role. Applicants must be bilingual and have experience "interacting with a diverse clientele to provide personalized quality service," according to the posting.

The job is available in Montreal or Gatineau. The deadline to apply for this position is October 31, 2022.

Apply here for English

Apply here for French

Library Supervisor

Salary: $73,777 to $94,407

Company: National Film Board

Who Should Apply: Candidates must have a university degree in Archival Science, Information Studies or Administration, as well as a minimum of eight years of relevant experience in records management.

The successful applicant will act as an "expert advisor" in documentation management and library resources, the posting says. You will develop policies and strategies related to NFB documentation management.

Bilingualism is imperative for this position and the deadline to apply is November 2, 2022.

Apply here

Laboratory Advisor (Organic Chemistry) 

Salary: $70,088 to $85,272

Company: Environment and Climate Change Canada

Who Should Apply: This position is open to graduates from a recognized post-secondary institution with a specialization in chemistry or toxicology. If employed, you will be reporting to the organic chemistry supervisor and operate an atmospheric pressure gas chromatography (APGC) mass spectrometer.

It's essential that you have experience with gas chromatography or liquid chromatography, as well as "work experience in the preparation of environmental samples," whether it's soil, sediment, biota or water. You must be fluent in French for this role, and you can apply until November 9, 2022.

Apply here

Social Worker 

Salary: $75,191 to $87,658. Social workers with a master's degree are entitled to an education allowance of $3,850 per year.

Company: National Defence, Canadian Forces Health Services Group

Who Should Apply: This position is open to people residing in Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad. The government says applicants should be able to apply individual therapy used in clinical social work practice and to develop therapeutic relationships with multiple clients.

In addition to a relevant degree, you'll need to show evidence of what the job posting calls "significant" experience working in a mental health care environment for adults. You have until May 31, 2023, to apply.

Apply here

Senior Intervention and Program Officer, Canadian Coast Guard

Salary: $74,763 to $85,004

Company: Canadian Coast Guard

Who Should Apply: To apply for this role, you must provide your résumé with evidence of experience in the maritime field, a secondary school diploma and occupational certifications, as well as contact information for two references. This job is upfront about its requirement for overtime work, sometimes during weekends and evenings. You must be willing to travel and to wear and maintain a uniform as per the coast guard's standards. You have until June 14, 2023, to apply.

Apply Here

Program Officer, IRCC

Salary: $71,599 to $77,368

Company: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Who Should Apply: For this role, candidates will be expected to have "experience in the interpretation and application of government policies, regulations or legislation" for the purposes of helping clients." Applicants must have a secondary school diploma or an "acceptable" other combo of schooling and experience.

IRCC is also looking to hire supervisors and analysts for similar salaries.

The deadline to apply for this role is September 28, 2023.

Apply Here

Nurse Practitioner

Salary: $84,187 to $98,114

Company: National Defense

Who Should Apply: Candidates must have completed a nurse practitioner program approved or recognized by the province of Quebec, with a specialty certificate in either Nurse Practitioner – Adult (NP-Adult) or Nurse Practitioner – Primary Health Care (NP-PHC). The government says applicants must have worked in a clinical setting, ambulatory care or community health care within the last three years.

Nurses get an additional benefit: an annual allowance ranging from $605 to $3,850, depending on education level. On top of that, nurse practitioners get an extra $18,000 per year.

You can apply until September 23, 2023.

Apply Here

Digital Communications Advisor

Salary: $85,476 to $92,412

Company: Natural Resources Canada

Who Should Apply: This position is open to those who have experience in social media marketing and science communications. Officials are looking for someone who can develop a memorable social media presence for National Resources Canada and content that keeps followers "engaged and educated" about its work. The advisor will also cover events.

This job might require you to travel within Canada and that you work overtime. The deadline to apply is December 14, 2022.

Apply Here


Salary: $85,917 to $100,165

Company: Correctional Service Canada

Who Should Apply: Successful applicants will address the mental health issues of offenders and services related to their reintegration into Canadian society.

According to the posting, this position requires at least a master’s degree with a specialization in clinical, forensic or counseling psychology, as well as registration as a psychologist for autonomous practice by a provincial licensing body. You must provide the contact information for two references and be fluent in both English and French. You can apply until December 31, 2022.

Apply here

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