Hélène Boudreau Says She Was Kicked Out & Blacklisted By Her Bank For Being 'Too Risky'

"It's the downside of being known for what I do."

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Helene Boudreau poing in a bikini, Right: Helene Boudreau wearing a red blazer while holding a drink.

Helene Boudreau poing in a bikini, Right: Helene Boudreau wearing a red blazer while holding a drink.

Sometimes it seems like Hélène Boudreau can't catch a break! Whether the OnlyFans mogul is dealing with a Mexico trip gone bad, a home robbery, or constantly having to defend her line of work, she is certainly no stranger to controversy. Now, Boudreau says she has been kicked out and blacklisted by her bank for being "too risky."

Boudreau took to her Instagram stories on May 12, 2023, to share that her banks have completely given her the boot and that she cannot deposit any money nor use any of her credit cards.

"I'm flagged in the registry. So basically, I can't deposit in a personal bank account or a company bank account and all my credit and debit cards are no longer valid. My name, Hélène Boudreau, is on the blacklist, so to speak. The cause? I am too risky for the bank," she wrote.

Boudreau made it clear she is in good financial standing, with no loans or debts and added that she's a "great payer." She is labelling the ordeal as "discrimination" and "unfairness."

"We are in 2023 and what I do is legal and I pay my taxes like all citizens," Boudreau wrote. She went on to say that this is one of the many downsides of being in her line of work, making adult content, despite it being a thriving industry with people who work hard and pay their taxes legally.

Boudreau went on to voice her disdain for the matter, writing that she is fed up with being treated unfairly and differently simply because of her career. "I'm tired of seeing that I'm targeted more than others when more than thousands of women like me still have their bank accounts."

Although several banks have rejected Boudreau without any given reason, as she claims, Boudreau says that she has no choice but to "accept [her] fate."

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