Here's How Canada's Election Would've Gone If Quebec Students Were All Able To Vote

Quebec students would've also favoured the Liberals and helped them win a minority government — though a much slimmer one — if they were able to vote, according to Student Vote Canada.

If students were able to cast ballots in the federal election, the Liberals would have won 116 seats nationally, forming a minority government. The official opposition would be the New Democratic Party (NDP), with 106 seats.

While the Liberals would have won the election, they would've lost the popular vote to the NDP.

In Quebec, the Liberals would've won 38 seats, with the Bloc Québécois in second place at 20. The NDP was much worse off in Quebec, winning only 9 seats.

The Student Vote is an educational program that runs at the same time as the official election with the goal of teaching young people how to participate in the electoral process. The students get to cast a ballot exactly like the real thing and the votes are then counted.

More than 700,000 students from across Canada participated in this election's Student Vote.