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I Visited Montreal's New French Grocery Store — These Are The Best Euro Treats You Can Get

According to a Frenchie living in the 514. 🇫🇷

L'Héxagone Alimentation in Plateau-Mont-Royal.

L'Héxagone Alimentation in Plateau-Mont-Royal.

This Opinion article is part of a Narcity Media series. The views expressed are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

When I learned about the new French grocery shop that just opened in Plateau-Mont-Royal, I knew I had to go see for myself. If there's one thing I miss about home, it's the snacks and flavours I grew up eating.

Located at 819, avenue du Mont-Royal E., L'Hexagone offers nearly 700 products imported from France, and the store manager told Narcity Québec there will be around 2,000 items around the holidays.

Entering the shop, I found reasonable prices and recognized almost everything. Many of the items I had never seen in Quebec before. Just like a kid in a toy store, I lost it.

Here are the best 11 things I found at L'Hexagone Alimentation if you want a little affordable European taste right here in Montreal.

Kinder Maxi 

Kinder Maxi

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

This creamy chocolate milk bar definitely brings back some nostalgia from my school days when I was snacking in between two classes.

Careful, they're small but quite addictive.

Schweppes Agrumes 

Schweppes Agrumes

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

Coming to North America, I had to find a replacement for this citrussy deliciousness, but nothing compares here.

I gave up and eventually discovered Dr. Pepper. But I'm glad I can now go back to one of my original favourite sodas.

Ushuaïa Shower Gel

Usha\u00efa products

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

Even before I went to the shop myself, I sent my friend who stays nearby to go get me some shower gel. The aromas of the Ushuaïa and Tahiti hygienic products are divine.

I also recommend Le Petit Marseillais products which, in my opinion, don't smell as good, but still make your skin feels like silk after a bath.

The Bénédicta sauces 

The B\u00e9n\u00e9dicta sauces

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

I can't just pick one, they're all good. I got myself the tartare sauce and my friend prefers the béarnaise one, but perhaps you'll enjoy the gourmet cheesy blue mix or the classic béarnaise more.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc products

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

If you're a dessert fanatic, this one is for you. These creamy and sweet pastes are so tasty, you'll want to experiment with new recipes, though they're also delicious on their own.

My favourite is the chocolate one, but again, that's just me.

Panzani Pesto

Panzani pesto sauce

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

It comes from Italy, but the French also love it. I'm sure you're all familiar with pesto, but the Panzani brand is renowned for making really good ones, as well as tomato sauces.

I suggest you try it the next time you make some vegetarian or meaty pasta.

Nesquick Cereals

Nesquick breakfast cereals

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

Bye, bye Cheerios! I was never a fan honestly, so I got excited when I saw this box on the shelf.

You can ask any French person if they like Nesquick; we all grew up eating it for breakfast.

Belin Snacks

Belin Monaco snacks

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

These French cheesy biscuits open the appetite so they are quite nice during 5 à 7 with a beer or a glass of wine.

The packaging is small though, so perhaps you should get two or three if you're having friends over.

Lays' "Chips à l'ancienne"

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

Lots of Frenchies like their bag of crisps made the old-fashioned way, with very fine pieces.

I read that it's just a marketing naming strategy to sell more, but still, I would always choose these over Doritos.

Mint Syrup 

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

​People don't realize how much French people love their syrups. We even put it in our beers! If you don't know what a Monaco drink is, I suggest you google it, it might change your life.

The mint syrup is my favourite, quite refreshing when mixed with sparkling water.

Haribo Tagada

Haribo sweets

Charlotte Hoareau | MTL Blog

Last but not least, here's an absolute must-try from the shop: the Haribo Tagada sweets.

The brand has really good sweets overall, but the pink chewy strawberry-flavoured ones are my favourite, followed by the "happy colas."

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