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This Montreal Spot Serves Bubble Tea In 'Fat Cups' & You Can Try It For $2 This Weekend

The first 50 people will get their boba for FREE.
This Montreal Spot Serves Bubble Tea In 'Fat Cups' & You Can Try It For $2 This Weekend

If you're a boba lover in Montreal, start stretching your hands. Why? Because One Babo's bubble teas come in chunky cups that you won't want to put down.

To celebrate its new location in the Old Port of Montreal, One Babo is serving up $2 bubble teas all day Saturday starting at 12 p.m., as long as you follow its Instagram page. The first 50 people will actually get their boba totally free. 

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One Babo, formerly called One More Thé, has another location on Chemin Queen Mary in Côte-des-Neiges. This is its second time opening in the Old Port after the previous location had to close last year due to COVID-19. 

"This year, we were lucky to be able to open once more in our favourite place in Montreal, but in a different spot," said Karen Chen, One Babo's external coordinator.

Chen described One Babo as an international expansion of a Taiwanese boba chain.

"We specialize in authentic Taiwanese boba drinks with an innovative twist, with unique flavours and toppings for everybody to enjoy," Chen said.

Here's what you can expect to find on the menu on July 3:

  • Classic One Babo Milk Tea
  • Jasmine Tea Jelly Lemonade
  • Black Iced Tea with Boba
  • Violet Crystal (Yakult®)
  • Grapefruit Green Tea
  • Pouchong Rice Honey Tea with Boba

The drinks will be served in "regular fat cups," according to Chen, and they will all include a topping!

$2 Bubble Tea at One Babo 

When: Saturday, July 3, from noon to 9 p.m.

Address: One Babo (previously known as One More Thé), 3, rue de la Commune O., Old Port of Montreal, QC 

Why You Need To Go: Taiwanese bubble tea in fat cups for $2 or possibly even free — this is a boba lover's dream. 

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