This Botanical Garden Calendar Shows Exactly Which Flowers Are Blooming & When To See Them

When beautiful weather hits Montreal, what's the first thing you like to do? We head straight to the Botanical Garden to see stunning flowers!  

But flowers are fickle so it's hard to keep track of what exactly you'll be seeing. When's the prime time to go check out your favourite flora? It's tough to say.

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Cue this tool we discovered: the Botanical Garden's "Calendar of Blooms," which tells you exactly what you can see and when. 

In April, expect to see alpine plants, begonias, bromeliads, cacti, gesneriads, hydrangeas, narcissi, orchids, penjings, and tulips. The cherry tree blossom happens in May! 

On the same website, you'll also find the Botanical Garden's "Blooms of the week," featuring photos of its weekly picks. For the week of April 5, forsythias and witch-hazels are blooming. 

Check out the Calendar of blooms here